Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Her Romeo

Her Romeo is a fella with wings. A sweet friendship indeed! This drawing is to honor my little Friend Pretty Boy--now in birdie heaven.

When I was in my early 20's I lived in Gramma Jenny's basement. Grammie and I had a little parakeet named Pretty Boy who was just delightful. He was stuffed with personality and quickly learned to speak.

He learned entire sentences! I taught him to say, "Praise the Lord, I'm an Eagle." Grammie said since she was no preacher, she'd teach HIM to be one instead. And she did. He would say things like, "Believe in Jesus and live with Him forever," and "Read your Bible every day."

He was the most adorable little bird. An old boyfriend taught him to say, "Beautiful Beth!" It seemed that Pretty Boy knew who he was taking about because when I would walk into the room, that bird would preen his feathers and say it nonstop!

I had a special little whistling sound I would make. Pretty Boy learned the sound and for years afterward, even after I'd moved out, whenever he would see me he would get all happy, chortle our special whistle, then chant, "Beautiful Beth," over and over.

It was a sad day when Grammie called to say she'd found our Pretty Boy permanently asleep in the bottom of the cage. We both cried.
Animals are a great deal more intelligent than we know. I will always miss that little fella. And I'm sure I'll see him in heaven someday--perched on Grammie's shoulder.


acornmoon said...

Birds are very intelligent, more so than we give them credit for. Talking birds have always fascinated me, I remember a time in Italy meeting a minor bird that spoke Italian, not so surprising but he did sound amazingly clever!

tera said...

Beautiful drawing! I love the story about your birdie, too :)

Looking to the Stars said...

Beautiful artwork! I love the story, animals are very smart and a joy and comfort to our hearts. Its always sad when they pass thru deaths door but its just a door and they are just on the other side of it :)

Woman in a Window said...

I bet there was real magic in grammy jenny's basement. Pretty boy just one face of it. Wonderful, beautiful beth.

Clytie said...

Oh yes, and remember how flustered Grammie got when Pretty Boy yelled at the dog? Tee hee. Wonderful bird. Beautiful picture.

~Cheryl said...

The wistfulness in your drawing is very moving. What a special love story!

Anonymous said...

'Animals are a great deal more intelligent than we know. I will always miss that little fella. And for sure, I believe birds go to heaven' I too. I am loving your tale told, you.

animaegirl said...

I love this one Beth! Great little story about your Romeo, too. I love the phrase you taught him :D