Friday, September 22, 2017

Her Keen Blade -Paint Party Friday

Back in the mists of time there must have been those warriors who wandered alone, sword in hand.  They must have been tough, as well as brave and kind.  Such adventures were peopled with these heroes of old in the tales Mumsie used to tell us when I was small.  I can still see those heroes in my mind's eye. 

Above you see my reference photo of beautiful Rena--who also, in her way is a warrior, brave, strong and true.

Have a lovely holiday weekend, dear Friends, and Happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Joy in the Morning -Paint Party Friday

This is a drawing I drew a few days ago.  I entitled it Joy in the Morning.

Above is my lovely reference model Heather.  I am honored this dear young woman is a part of my life.  I am blessed  She is a a wonderful, sweet Friend of mine--a dear daughter.

But now there is sad news.  The title of this drawing is significant, because the evening I drew this picture, my precious Grandma Gladys flew away to heaven.  She was 91-years old.

Everywhere I look, I see Grandma in my home. Everywhere. Knickknacks, strange cutlery, cookbooks, pans, her lovely artwork, art books, the beautiful bed set in the cloud room and just about everything in my craft room...all are her legacy. Her life has been intertwined with mine since the very beginning of my life with my Beloved.  One of our first dates was to meet Grandma and her precious family.

I know she is in a better place, but this earth is less without her. She was full of years and longed to be with Jesus and her Beloved Vic.  I rejoice for her because she is free of pain, and she is in the Presence of her dear Savior.

So many many. She taught me how to be a Mom and a good friend.  Her influence on my life has been profound.

I love her. I love her so much.  Dear sweet friends--take time to cherish the people you love.  You never know how long you have with them.  Every moment is a gift.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Violets and an Angel -Paint Party Friday

This is a doodle from last week.  It was inspired by two different vintage cards from my card collection.  I love violets and angels are a favorite, too, so it seemed logical to bring both ideas together here.

I hope this one makes you smile--it will be fun to ink it in and when I add the color--oh, it will be lovely!

Have a GREAT weekend and Happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Her Melodramatic Friend -Paint Party Friday

This is a graphite doodle from the middle of the night.  It made me laugh and I wanted to share these two with you.  One of them is totally melodramatic, the other looks on tongue in cheek.

Above you see my delightful reference models, Rena and Heather--they bring such light and laughter into my life.  As you can see they are a lot of fun to have around! 

Have a lovely holiday weekend, dear Friends, and Happy Paint Party Friday!