Friday, August 25, 2017

Maple Tree Fairy -Paint Party Friday

I adore maple trees.  They are everywhere in our little town--flooding the skies with their broad green leaves and covering the ground with refreshing shade on hot summer days.  A few weeks ago, seated beneath those gently bowing giants, I was inspired to draw this lovely maple tree fairy.

The truth is, she and her friends adore twirling down on the helicopter seedlings in the Fall.  However, she's on her best behavior here--all ready for a fancy fairy ball.

Above you see my wonderful reference model, Rena, who is one of my dearest friends and inspirations.

Have a great weekend, dear friends.  Happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Eclipse -Paint Party Friday

I created this pen and ink drawing last week to commemorate the Great American Eclipse.  I happen to live in the line of totality--the eclipse will start around nine, with total darkness at 10:18 Monday morning--an amazing event which will not happen here again in my lifetime.  I only wish my Beloved were here to view it with me.

My town will be celebrate all weekend in anticipation of Monday's once in a lifetime event.  There will be an influx of up to 500,000 people in our area over the next few days.  I can't even imagine what the traffic will be like.  I have special glasses one must wear to keep from being blinded.  There is a family camping out in my back yard and there will be quite a party going on downtown.

I am looking forward to this wonderful eclipse.  In the meantime dear friends, have a GREAT weekend.  Stay safe and Happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Stones and Roses -Paint Party Friday

When hard moments persist, one of my greatest comforts is to let my fingers draw what is in my heart.  This drawing was done in a difficult moment after the Fourth of July, when I was missing my Beloved.

Today is my parent's anniversary--they would have been married for 60 years today.  Daddy flew to heaven in 2012.  It is also my brother's birthday.  Cancer took him in 2001.  So many precious friends and family have gone on.  I am happy for them--but they are missed.

Grief is like the ocean...rising to crash into the shoreline--then sliding back to a subtle life rhythm.  It will always be a part of my life.  The storms still rise now and again, but not as many as before.

This little tear-filled faery leans upon the rocks to weep.  But in a moment she will smile through her tears to flit into the warmth of the sun and the fragrance of the roses.

Have a lovely weekend, dear Friends.  Happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Happy Dancers -Paint Party Friday

Here are my favorite young ladies happy dancing under springtime blossoms.  I missed last week because I was holding a drama camp for a small group of little girls here in my home.  We had a blast!  What a fabulous way to spend summer, eh?

Here is my reference photo with lovely Rena and Heather as models.  They are such wonderful young women.  I have known them for many years now--they've become my daughters and I cherish their friendship.  I am SO blessed.  They are the fairies who come to visit my garden sparkling their joy all around.

Have a lovely weekend, dear friends.  Happy Paint Party Friday!