Friday, August 31, 2018

Abraham, Isaac and Elizabeth -Paint Party Friday

Good morning!  I am getting ready for a trip out of town, so didn't have time to draw something new.  Here is a doodle from my sketch book from long ago.  This is actually a drawing of myself, my husband and our little son back in the days we performed as those characters onstage.

For many years my husband and our family traveled from place to place performing Drama.  The play I loved best was about Abraham, Sarah and their son, Isaac.  I love the laughter in that story.  It is full of hope and human frailty.

Thank you for dropping by.  Grace, peace and hope to you, dear Friends.  You are a dear encouragement to this old lady.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Admiring Felines -Paint Party Friday

I am going to be SO busy this week, I decided to post a cartoon from the far past.  I drew this in the 1990s.  Looking at this drawing, I think those cats have a family resemblance to Garfield--one of my favorite cartoons. I hope you enjoy seeing this silly doodle from my sketch book.  I know it is rough, but it is fun, too. 

Happy Paint Party Friday dear Friends!  Have a beautiful week.  Thank you for dropping by--your visits are always a great encouragement to my heart.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Picture of A Sister's Love -Paint Party Friday

This is a piece of art I created years ago.  I don't have time to scan, copyright and post something new this morning--there's a lot going on this weekend--so I'm re-posting this sweet picture of a sister's love.

I have always loved the story of Miriam. She was an Israelite who long ago, was enslaved with her family, in the land of Egypt. The Pharaoh at that time became afraid of the Israelites because they had grown so strong and numerous. He ordered the midwives to destroy every newborn baby boy. When the midwives refused to do so, soldiers were sent. It must have been a terrible, frightening time.

Thus Miriam's baby brother was hidden for three months. When they could no longer hide the little fellow, his mother came up with a novel idea. And so the tiny baby floated upon the waters of the Great Nile River in a papyrus basket coated with tar and pitch. His sister followed at a distance, hidden in the thick reeds.

Miraculously the Pharoh's daughter was walking along the river's bank seeking a place to bathe. She saw the basket and sent one of her servants to get it. When she opened it, little Moses was crying, and this touched the Royal lady's heart.

Then Miriam bravely stepped from the reeds saying, "Shall I go and get one of the Hebrew women to nurse the baby for you?" So the Pharaoh's daughter paid Moses' mother to be his nurse. The royal lady loved the boy and adopted him as her own son. Moses grew up to be a great man, who saved his people from terrible cruelty and slavery.

His little sister's gentle love, bravery and loyalty are an example to us all.

Happy Paint Party Friday dear Friends!  Have a beautiful day and thank you for dropping by--your visits bring joy and encouragement to my heart.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Wrinkles -Paint Party Friday

Years ago I taught cartooning to grade school children as a part of an enrichment program.  I LOVE cartooning--and it often comes out, even in my more serious artwork.

But some are just pure cartoon--this is one such doodle from my sketchbook.  Toez the Polydactyl Cat was looking SO grumpy a few nights ago, I decided to do a caricature of her.  This is the result.  I made her hairless, too.  LOL

As you can see, Miss Personality can be a bit of a stinker!  :D

She often decides I am not giving her enough attention and that I shouldn't be drawing...and this is what she does.  LOL

Happy Paint Party Friday dear Friends!  Have a lovely day and thank you for dropping by--your visits always bring happiness to my heart.