Friday, February 26, 2016

Her Little Friend -Paint Party Friday

This was a gift for my sweet young friend Emily, Christmas 2013.  It was one of the best Christmas celebrations ever--we had SO much fun.  I remember we gathered with Emily and family and laughed more than I had in years.  It was perfect--I will always treasure those memories.  It was the last time Alan and I were together at Christmas. I am SO grateful for that last wonderful holiday together.

Here is my model for this drawing.  Isn't she lovely?  I am so blessed to have this dear girl as my friend.  I've known Emily and her family since she was just a babe in arms.

Happy Paint Party Friday.  Have a lovely weekend, dear Friends and thank you for dropping by.  ((Hugs))

Friday, February 19, 2016

Sky Angel -Paint Party Friday

I have been looking up at the clouds since I was a little girl.  It was after I nearly lost my life in 2008, from MRSA, that I began to capture what I saw in the skies.  My family bought a camera and photoshop for me and I became a cloud painter.

I haven't had much time to do much artwork this week--so I'm posting this cloud painting from 2010.  I will be speaking for a Women's Retreat tomorrow, so I've been busy preparing for that all week long. 

Above you see this beautiful angel as I first saw her over the back fence in my garden.  As you can see, I didn't have to do much!  I feel privileged that God would bring the beauty of the skies, with its wonderful possibilities, to my attention.  God is good!

Happy Paint Party Friday.  Keep looking up!  You never know what beautiful thing God may have there for you to see.  Have a lovely weekend and thank you for dropping by.  ((Hugs))

Friday, February 12, 2016

The Mermaid and the Fisherman -Paint Party Friday

I have been so busy this week, I haven't had much time to draw much.  Because I love Fairytales and in honor of Valentine's Day, I am posting this drawing from 2008.  I had just been to the ocean for a week and was inspired by the waves to draw this romantic pen and ink.

I miss my Darling--He would be SO proud of what I am doing this weekend!  I'll be taking a team to perform a drama he wrote featuring Ruth, Naomi and Boaz, at two different locations, once Saturday and again on Sunday morning.  God is so good. 

Happy Paint Party Friday.  May God bless you with love and joy.  Have a beautiful Valentine's weekend and thank you for dropping by.  ((Hugs))

Friday, February 5, 2016

My Lady of the Grape Vines -Paint Party Friday

Here she is, My Lady of the Grape Vines.  I love grape vines--they are so graceful.  Just like my sweet model, Heather.

Above you see my dear girl Heather who was the inspiration for this drawing.  I am so blessed by this dear young lady.  She is a treasure to my heart.  

I am so grateful to the Lord for His gift of art.  With that gift, I am free to express what is in my heart.  As I mourn my Beloved, those emotions are translated into my artwork.  I pray that what I draw will be a blessing.

Happy Paint Party Friday.  May God bless you with sparkles of joy.  Have a beautiful weekend and thank you for dropping by.  ((Hugs))