Friday, January 27, 2017

Bachelor Button Faery -Paint Party Friday

This is a drawing from my mind.  The model here is my little niece--who shows up in my artwork all the time without my thinking about it.  This is a Bachelor Button Faery.  I love those flowers with their cheerful sky blue color and how they love to dance in the wind.

I have been away from my computer, on the road.  I have missed you all!  Hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Angelic Warrior -Paint Party Friday

This is a Cloud Painting I made for my middle daughter for Christmas one year.  This Angelic Warrior could be one of my all-time favorite pieces of cloud art.  I love the wings, hair--and the weapon in her hands.

I clicked the original photo from our back yard. 

I find the heavens are full of fascinating and wonderful things, if only one would look up--I have a habit of walking along looking into the skies.  I trip a lot.  (grin)

Above you see this angel as I first saw her.  As you can see--I didn't have to enhance much.

Have a lovely week and Happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Dreams of Flight -Paint Party Friday

I finally had to take a moment and just draw.  I haven't had much time for art, since just before Christmas.  I couldn't sleep one night and this popped out of my brain.

Years ago I was treated to a hot air balloon ride.  It was an amazing experience--one of the highlights of my life.  It was exactly like I felt as a child when dreaming of flying in the sky high above my home.  To be in the air above the ground in that way seemed so natural and right.  Here this little fairy is dreaming of flying... 

She will be in one of my coloring books someday.  I am happy to announce I did a one-time run for a coloring book--self published and sold a few copies through facebook and by word of mouth.  It has been an exciting time for me.  Now that I see people really seem to like them, I'll be doing one through Amazon.

Have a lovely week and Happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Lady of the Hill -Paint Party Friday

This is a drawing from last year at this same time.  I added color to it last week and I rather like the way it turned out.  This is my sweet middle daughter, who's beauty and kindness lend enchantment to every piece of art I feature her in. 

It is very cold where we are--for our area of the world 17 degrees is REALLY cold.  I can't remember feeling this cold in my life!  But the sun is shining and it is a new day.

God bless you everyone and Happy Paint Party Friday!