Sunday, June 14, 2009

Forest Face

It seems my darling Sissy has let the "cat out of the bag!" Yes, it is my birthday! Ya know, the older you get, the younger you are...right?! Thank you dear Sissy and friends, for your kind greetings--you've made this day special, and I even shed a tear or two. You are WONDERFUL!

I was wondering what I should post today and it suddenly occurred to me a self-portrait might be appropriate--so here I am, dear friends, as a tree. (grin)


Clytie said...

I "wood" like to tell you again -- Happy birthday sissie!!! You are "knot" old! I will "leaf" you with a final thought -- I think you are a "tree"t :=}, and well "rooted" in life.

Terry said...

Howdy Beth
Happy Birthday dear .
How wonderful it is to celebrate living .
Thank you Clytie for the wonderful birthday words.
Totally awesome !
You deserve it Beth so enjoy.
My Dad likes to ask me if I am breathing on my birthday ,and of course I say yes and than my Dad will tell me thats good it means your really living.
I actually wanted to tell you how much I like your Forest face in pen and ink.
While our son is almost 30 he was over this week during all the storms and stood out back on the deck with his Dad looking for all the many faces hiding in the clouds,or down below in the trees.
Our family loves to see all the things that surround us .
I really do love trees .
Have a blessed birthday and many more my blogging friend.

Nina P. said...

Happy Birthday Dear One!!! So how does it feel to be a day older than yesterday? How appropriate you are a tree today. Once a seed of thought and love, germinated and planted in fertile soil. Watered with Faith and placed in the warmth of the Son, you grew deep roots. Well founded you started shooting up, a sprout so tender and small. The winds of change blowing each day and the moon beaming down each night. As you grew you branched out gracing those around with your wonder and beautiful soul. You’re in full bloom and grant shade to those around. Your branches stretched to the sky. May your day be filled with Love, Joy, and Wonder and may your tree grow ever stronger reaching towards the clouds. Happy Birthday Beth! Love and Light. Nina P.

Woman in a Window said...

Happy Birthday.

I like to watch trees, touch them, smell them and lean on them. I'm not as light as I used to be. Hope your roots are firm!

animaegirl said...

Happy Birth Day Beth!!!!!! You may as wise as the trees, but you're certainly not as old as them ;-D


Catherine said...

Oh dear Beth, Happy HAPPY Birthday!!! The world is a richer place because of you. I join the ranks in exclaiming, "What a blessing that you were born!" And, what a great self-portrait. Rooted in love, I'll bet!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

OH! Thank goodness you were born! Happy Birthday!!!! You are a true gift to us all and I hope your day was special! Blessings friend!

whymsicalmusings said...

What a wonderful tree you make:)

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! That is me a day late and a dollar short most of the time but I do hope it was FABULOUS!


Tammie Lee said...

Ah, you are a most beautiful tree~

Happiest of Birthdays to you!
Wishing you a year of dreams come true!

big hug

Looking to the Stars said...

Happy B-day, kiddo. hope you had a good one :)

Grannie Annie said...

You must be getting old Sis you look a bit stiff to me. Wooden you know I wood crack a joke. Yuk yuk

I hope it was the best birthday ever!!! And you don't look a day over 150 I counted your rings.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

OHNO! I missed your birthday! Happy belated birthday to you. I'm not really late if you celebrate like my daughters and think of your bd as more of a season than just a day. LOL Hope it was great!