Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fabric of the Forest

This is our darling Daka, who is a delight to our lives. When I created this picture of her, the name Fabric of the Forest popped into my head.

In the forested beauty of family, this wonderful woman is an intricate part of the very fabric of our lives. She is of the older generation---those who have been before---who are the fabric of that which holds us all together.


Looking to the Stars said...

Spoken so beautifully!
Love the painting!

Nina P. said...

Beautiful woman, beautiful soul, such wisdom in those eyes. Her smile tells her stories of life that she holds... You are an amazing artist Beht. Thank you as always for sharing. Nina P.

Clytie said...

Yes, Daka is an awesome soul. One who I can see as being the Fabric of the Forest.

Woman in a Window said...

There are some like that, that hold our stories, and they need not necessarily be older. Some are born like that.

Beautiful work.

Catherine said...

How lovely her necklace is, echoing the forest leaves. She is the picture of wisdom and serenity.