Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Coffee Shop Faery

Here she is, as the Coffee Shop Faery. I've known this enchanting lady for years. She is not only beautiful, but she's an amazing cook, whipping up delectable prize-winning pastries, to the delight of those who visit the Coffee Shop.


Clytie said...

I love her! Perfect for a coffee shop - especially those amazing earrings.

Terry said...

Hi Beth
Oh my I can smell the coffee brewing,and my mouth is awaiting some wonderful exotic experience.
Your lady is a lovely faery and so of course she would provide a magical moment for the senses.
Thank you for sharing her today.
It must be really nice to know someone this special .
I think we all need a coffee faery in our lives .
Have a great day filled with many happy moments.

tera said...

Oh Beth! I love your coffee shop fairy! I think she is my very favorite so far!

tera said...

Okay... where do you sell your stuff? Either I'm totally lost or I'm blind and I can't find a shop link??

Woman in a Window said...

If there is a Faery hierarchy, she must be at the top! Tell me she has a tray of delectable tastes to add, dusted splashes of more.