Friday, May 8, 2009

The Lady and the Lambs

In honor of Mother's Day I'm re-posting The Lady and the Lambs.
This drawing is dedicated to our own darling Mumsie. When Mum was young and unsure of herself, her Father gave her a picture--he told Mum she looked just like the lovely woman in the picture, and that she was beautiful. A few years ago, Mum and I actually found a copy of the original drawing on a card, so I bought it for her. I loved the old photo so much I used it as my inspiration for this graphite drawing.

Now here's the fun part! I photographed my drawing (it is very big), and ran it through a new photo enhancing program I was learning at that time. The resulting picture was infused with a brilliant rainbow of color.

I was astonished, and oddly, I never was able to duplicate those colors again. There's a little bit of a miracle in every day, don't you think? And to be a Mother is one of the greatest miracles of all.
Happy Mother's Day!


Clytie said...

It's beautiful, sissie-kins! Happy Mothers Day to you, too.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I just love it when that happens. It's beautiful. Happy Mother's Day.

Kim said...

That is a lovely picture and the colours on the scanned one are so magical.

Kim x

ps, did you sign up for IF?

Grannie Annie said...

Beautiful just beautiful Beth.

If you’re still up to the “Bliss Challenge” girlfriend post your entry on your Blog forthwith between now and midnight on Sunday, May 10th.
Please entitle it “My Bliss Challenge” so I don’t mess up and take the wrong thing.
The entries will be posted on “” by Monday morning.
Thank you for being such a good sport, I can hardly wait to see all this bliss.

Looking to the Stars said...

Very beautiful, how special that you found a card for your mom with the picture her father gave her :)
the scan is amazing!

~Cheryl said...


Catherine said...

What a stunning drawing! She is beautiful! And what a mysterious surprise you received later - an incredible rainbow of your very own! Very befitting of your lovely mother.