Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oak Tree Faery

In honor of faeries everywhere, I'm reposting the Oak Tree Faery. Here's the story behind this pen and ink drawing. As a child, I imagined there were Gnomes living beneath the oaks in our vast front yard. Their names were Lester and Jenny.
There were two huge oak trees, one beside the house, and another quite close to the road. At the base of both trees there was what looked like a small doorway. I imagined Lester and Jenny's snug home beneath the trees. I was sure there was an immense network of rooms and tunnels between the two oaks. I often thought I caught glimpses of their twinkling faces from behind the trunks of the trees.
Sometimes I set breakfast up for the faery folk on an old mossy log. I would find a broad toadstool mushroom for the table, leaves for plates, a bouquet of violets hastily tied with a piece of grass; and tiny liken shaped like cups, for their morning dewdrops. For you see, just as my parents always had a cup of coffee when they awoke, so I imagined the wee folk would drink a jeweled dewdrop, warmed by the sun.
A carpet of bluebell flowers grew in spring. In my dreams I heard the faeries playing wonderful music on the bell shaped flowers. Spring was a busy time for my imaginary friends. They colored the flowers, and tended baby birds in their nests when their parents would fly away to dig worms in the warm brown soil.
In summertime, I found faery rings beneath the fir trees in the cool forest behind our home. Once I dreamed I danced with a winged prince, and the faery folk awarded me with a set of gossamer fairy wings. I dreamed the prince and I flew above the oak trees. I still remember how the trees and our home looked from overhead.
I often saw star flowers bursting their blooms in the woods. They were beautiful, shaped like white shooting stars. In my imagination the faeries often wore these flowers in their hair. When the colorful spotted bug houses fell from the oak trees in the Fall, I imagined Gnome versus faery bugball games. Tournaments, where the victor won a crown fashioned of gold and red leaves.
In wintertime I was sure I saw faery children joyfully sledding across the skies on big fat snowflakes. I saw their artwork etched in the ice on the windshield of my Dad's car.
When I was in the hospital fighting for my life, I drew a picture of one of the faeries I imagined playing in the tops of the big oaks, as I remembered her from my childhood.
I am so grateful for the fanciful imagination God gave to me when I was a little girl. Many of my drawings reflect that youthful imagination. To this day, in my mind's eye, I can still see the faces of my tiny faery friends.
As the poet Kenney Merlo once wrote, "She sings a song that is simple and merry, God's littlest angel that He calls a fairy."


~Cheryl said...

What a beautiful story to read first thing this morning (OK- I slept in a little!) You do indeed have wonderful God-given talents. Once again my heart is filled with sunshine and smiles! Thank you

Smart Mouth Broad said...

What a delightful child you must have been and no surprise since you are a delightful woman. :-)

Mandala Michelle said...

Exquisite fairy and the story was just as wonderful. I have plans to make fairy houses with my daughter this summer. We'll hide them in the woods along the bike trail. I'll keep your words in mind as we do!

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

What a beautiful story. I love to read your blog.

Nina P. said...

What a wonderful story teller and artest. You sprinkle a little magic and dust a little joy to the day. Fairies spark the imagination with colorful tales. What a treasure it must be to have these winged beauties dance in your heart and brighten your soul. Thank you for sharing your wonderful art and letting us glimps your joyful soul.

Kim said...

Wow, what a lovely tale. I had an imaginary horse when I was a child (well, I would, wouldn't I?), but still firmly believe in fairies :)

Kim x

Tammie Lee said...

Lovely piece as always. Your tale of how fairies have touched your life is charming and ethereal. I named my trust after an oak fairy! So I am smiling. So glad to know you survived a life threatening experience!

Clytie said...

They are still here you know!

Looking to the Stars said...

You are the greatest singer of the song :) You have a wonderful imagination! Do you write books? You should if you don't and if you do, I would like to read them.
email me I would like to know more about your fight for life, you already know about mine.
You are a VERY special person and your gifts are a blessing to all!

Catherine said...

Oh Beth, what a gorgeous drawing and amazing faery story. You have transported us all to another world... what a lovely, special place. I am sure Lester and Jenny still think of you fondly as they remember their morning dew tea and violet blossoms. Your stories are true treasures. Do you still have your faery wings? :)

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Amazing post. Thanks for the gift of your presence at mine. Blessings.