Monday, May 25, 2009

Bright Angel

I've been doing some reading about WW2. I collect little books. The Great Answer is a little book in my collection written in 1944, by Margaret Lee Runbeck. In this book are stories of incredible supernatural intervention during wartime. I can't help but believe that a bright warrior angel was sent to aid the soldiers who fought to save those who were powerless to help themselves, and who stood against evil for what was good and right.
In honor of those brave men and women who fought and died, and to honor those who continue to fight for the good of our nation and other peoples across the world, I post this Bright Angel I caught hovering in the skies just a few days ago. .

Below is the original cloud formation.

I would like to add here a quote from my Sister Clytie's blog. She wrote what I feel so eloquently I cannot add much to it.
I would also like to extend my remembrance and thanks to those
soldiers who did not die in battle ... who came home to lead separate lives.
Because they carried home the "ultimate sacrifice", and somehow
managed to live with it the rest of their lives.
I also thank the families of ALL soldiers -- those lost in
battle, and those who came home changed.
Because when you see what these brave soldiers have seen, have
done what they had to do ... you die a little. It may not show for years; the
scars stay hidden in their hearts. And their families who see (and saw) them
suffer, also feel the pain.
On a personal note ...
Thank you to my grandfather, who served in WWI.
Thank you to my father, who served in WWII (and was a POW).
Thank you to Uncle Kelly, who served in Korea.
Thank you to Uncle Joe, who served in Vietnam.
Thank you to my (Clytie's) ex-husband, who served in the first
Gulf War.
Thank you to my (Beth's) nephew David, who continues to serve in
the Army Special Forces Unit
You all have our everlasting gratitude
On a more cheerful note, my incredibly talented Sister Clytie has a new blog to show off her vast card collection! I'm so excited! Check out Random Cards at She has some beautiful cards I think you'll love!


Clytie said...

She's beautiful! So bright and full of fun and hope.

Looking to the Stars said...

Beth, YOU are a bright angel! The miracles that happen in life are amazing. Beautiful post about our service people. My foster brother was in nam (he was the kid in the movie "We Were Soldiers") I saw the scars of war thru him and it still pains me today to rememeber. Bless you and your family :)

iwings said...

I love your cloud angel... he is awesome!

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

This is the stuff of hopes and gifts. Beautiful.

White Linen ~ Lavender Field said...

My son and daughter-in-law are going through some tough times right now but they kinda don't realize it. Maybe it's a 'cushion'. I believe in the wondrous power of the One who created us. He will be there for my DIL and son. He assigns angels to minister and help. Your post speaks volumns. What a beautiful image in the clouds! WOW.

Woman in a Window said...

We could all use some shine from time to time.

Mekeel McBride said...

Gorgeous! I just love the way you find the beauty in everything!

Kim said...

Lovely, truly lovely :)
I love Elvis too, what beautiful colours :)

Kim x

Mim said...

what a wonderful post and just love the cloud paintings.