Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ribbet, I love you.

Hello, sweet Friends.  I am posting this "Catfish" drawing from long ago, in honor of a brave little kitty who beat the odds.  Her name is Ribbet.  She was born with a hollow chest and wasn't expected to make it.  Yet, that brave kitten grew and lived to have a litter of kittens...and she yet lives with Mumsie.

However, just recently she hasn't been well.  It was discovered she has cancer.  She does not have long.  When I saw her today--heaven was in her eyes.  I asked her to greet Crickette' and my Beloved  for me...and she looked at me with huge soulful eyes and said yes.  I saw it.  Her eyes were filled with love, as she voiced that tiny meow. 

Oh, friends...I shall miss this sweet brave kitty.

Here she is--she was a kitten then.  As silly as it sounds, please pray for this little one's peace and that she will not have pain as she is dying.

Thank you. Oh, thank you.

UPDATE:  Little Ribbet flew away to heaven Tuesday evening, March 29th.  My heart is so sad.


Lorraine said...

beautiful drawing very hypnotic

Viola said...

Such a very lovely cat and also the drawing! So sorry to hear she has not long again. I love cats and have got one , she is 10 years old.

Lyneen J said...

Beth I have always admired your awesome drawings! This is just amazing!!!