Friday, May 27, 2011

Watching Over You

This is one of my very first cloud paintings.  I have often sent this painting out as a gift to those who support Dramatic Difference Ministries.

The picture above is the original photo of a local pilot and airplane, taken near our town's Independence State Airport.   One of the folks to whom I sent this Cloud Painting had it sitting on their piano.  Tiny 3-year old Emma noticed a protective hand in the picture I hadn't seen before.  I took a closer look.  Indeed, there was an angel there, protecting the airplane from harm. 

So I enhanced the picture to reflect the guardian angel seen in the original.  This newly vamped piece of Sky Art is entitled, Watching Over You and hangs in the Starduster Cafe at the airport in Independence, Oregon.  Limited edition, signed prints are for sale!  If you're interested, contact me via email.


Clytie said...

Dad has one of the originals - I love the updated picture with the beautiful guardian angel!!!

Julia Christie said...

Amazing story and amazing painting! How are you Beth?

Hope all is well with you!!!


MarieElizabeth said...

I thought the first one was fantastic, but the second one is even more striking. Isn't it amazing what we can learn from children.