Monday, May 23, 2011

Amber and Onyx - Sunday Scans

I couldn't resist drawing my talented artist Friend Amber and her delightful sidekick Onyx.  I thought it perfect for Sunday Scans.

Here is Amber with the stuffed version of Onyx.  This talented lady came up with her own design for a real-life Onyx.  SO inspiring!

As you can see, dear Onyx is a bit of a character.  He is always getting into trouble.  He makes me smile.

Happily Amber sells her Onyx dolls along with original ACEO art card at AnimaeGirl.

Al over at "Al's Photography Blog" is hosting  "Sunday Scans".  It is a place for all things scanned.  So pick up your old photo albums, ephemera, postcards, artwork, ANYTHING which can be scanned and join in the fun!


Al said...

Great drawings, Beth. You can link them on Sunday Scans any time you want, the meme is open most of the week.

I do link my scans on the Sunday Scans meme, I've been posting a series from Dubrovnik (Yugoslavia, now Croatia) on my blog and linking them in under "Al, CO, USA." Thanks for your interest!

Clytie said...

They are just so darn cute! Both of them!!! And your drawing has caught their magic. I love Amber and Onyx!!!

Raine said...

Wow, cool drawing. ☺ Some people sure make it look so effortless that you can feel it from viewing the work. ☺