Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FATuesday Artist Spotlight #33

I created Featured Art Tuesday Artist Spotlight, to showcase inspiring Artists and to provide a forum for all Artists to share their work with one another--this includes every type of medium, photography and crafts, including writing and poetry.

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I have only recently discovered the wonderfully humorous art of Penelope P. Neal.  I adore the personality with which she endows her whimsical characters.  There is magic in her pencil.  I have been so inspired by her work.  The above sketch, drawn for Illustration Friday, is just a sample of this accomplished artist's charming art.

Penelope writes, "My first thought for “lesson” was to show mama bird pushing her babes out the nest, but then I figured Mama’s got a whole clutch of wee ones and forcing out all her loved chicks unsupervised was just too heart wrenching. So, here’s Mama conducting a group flying “lesson” while clutching three terrified, thrilled and traumatized tweeters."

To see more of Penelope Neal's darling artwork, visit Nothing Worth Stealing.

I fell in love with these hanging plant pots.  Aren't they amazing?  These inspiring pieces are made by Michael McDowell.  He is a clay artist and craftsman from Denver, Colorado.  As you can see, his work is inspiring.  Happily, you can purchase these stunning hanging plant pots through  his Etsy shop, Mud Puppy.
Michael writes, "The majority of my work centers around designing ceramic products for urban living, typically involving plant and garden pieces that have a dual purpose being both sculptural and functional while economizing space. My objective is to hand craft beautiful, well made objects for your home."
To see more of this wonderful artist's amazing craftsmanship, please visit his gallery at Michael McDowell.

I have been a fan of Paula's beautiful poetry for quite awhile now.  She has a gift of painting pictures with words.  Her thoughts and the way she sees her world inspires me, challenges me and always encourages my heart.  

Paula writes of the heartbreaking loss of someone she deeply loves, "Time continues to pass; there are still moments I find myself unexpectedly afflicted by deep sorrow. Hauntingly, the sting of your loss squeezes at my heart. This most precious organ begins to thicken with an unfathomable ache. Uncontrollably, my eyes burn and begin to water, they always do when memories of you overwhelm. I have begun to practice a remedy of respectfully folding your memory ... wrapping it in layers of emotions, locking the whole of it deep inside, then tucking safely away the key. Because you are forever a part of me."

To read more of Paula's touching poetry visit Tattered Gold
Bruce Sereta's artwork is new to me.  He is a prolific watercolourist from Las Vegas, Nevada, who's commissioned works are mind boggling.  I was completely inspired by the sheer variety of his art--as well as the beauty and elegance of each and every piece.  

This talented artist enjoys "...Creating Illustrations for advertising, direct mail, p.o.p., collateral, editorial, packaging, and corporate use."

To see more of this eclectic artist's work visit Bruce Sereta Illustration.

I LOVE Jean Lurrsen's landscapes, seascapes and abstracts.  These lovely original paintings are influenced by the beauty of Northern California and her experiences in England, South Africa and Zimbabwe.  I adore the way she thinks and writes about her artwork and her world.

Jean writes, "I'm on an English country scene kick. Mainly because I love the quaint little old cottages one finds in the English countryside. They evoke an atmospheric feeling that I like to create in watercolor...  I used windsor green, raw sienna, burnt umber, burnt sienna and black india ink."

To see more of Jean's fabulous paintings, visit The Watercolorist.  Happily, you can also purchase her paintings at Zatista.

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Matteo Grilli said...

Very nice post!

Penelope said...

Oh, what a wonderful blog! I'm teary from Paula's poem of loss and ready to buy one of Micheal's hanging planter! Can' wait to explore more—You have a wonderful eye and lovely way with words! I'm honored to be part of your FATuesday post and flattered by your description of my work. With comments like yours, I'm inspired and energized, for that, I can't thank you enough! I'm looking forward to visiting often.

Shayla said...

AWESOME POST! I love all the artwork XOXOXOXOXOXOOX!!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Beth,
It honors me to have had you as a devoted reader since the near beginning of my blogging endeavor. Thank you, for placing me amidst a group of such talented souls, I am truly humbled.

Wishing you a blessed and blissful day, my friend! May the earth be light beneath your every footfall!

Tammie said...

so much wonderful art
I love finding art that touches you~

casey said...

Beth your post is wonderful I joined your FATuesday artist spotlight I'm new to this,so this is an adventure for me,thanks.