Tuesday, May 31, 2011

FATuesday Artist Spotlight #35

I created Featured Art Tuesday Artist Spotlight, to showcase inspiring Artists and to provide a forum for all Artists to share their work with one another--this includes every type of medium, sculpture, watercolour, pen and ink, oils, gardening, interior decorating, photography and crafts, including writing and poetry--the list goes on and on.  

Each one of us is creative in one way, or another--FATuesday Artist Spotlight celebrates the creativity found in every person.

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I hope you will join in the fun!

I am tremendously privileged to introduce you to Priscilla Williams.  I found this incredibly talented artist quite by accident.  This sensitive lady's work touches my heart and inspires me to look upward in a new way.  Priscilla puts a lot of wonderful symbolism into her artwork.  

What I love about her work is there are many things which come to mind when viewing her paintings.  For me, the little cub seeking refuge between the Great King's paws deeply touches my heart.  I identify with that little cub.  How often I run into the arms of God who loves me.   He surrounds my heart with melody.  I am safe nestled there.

Of this powerful painting, Priscilla writes,  “The first six words of Jewish blessings are: Baruch ata Adonai Eloheinu Melech ha’olam. This means: Blessed are You, O Lord, our God, King of the universe. These words remind the speaker that one is connected to God on a personal level, a corporate level, and finally a universal level.”   What an amazing thought--that we can actually know the Creator of the Universe on a personal level.  It is mind boggling.

To see more of Priscilla  Williams' incredibly moving artwork, visit Living Water Productions.

I have been following Desiree's wonderful blog since I started blogging.  She is such a creative person.  I love watching what she comes up with next!  You will too.  She inspires my imagination.  Her artwork is so colorful, bright and a delight to the eye.

Desiree writes, “I have been playing with Copic markers in the studio again. They are very interesting and artists are able to do some amazing things with them on paper. I however am playing with them on fabric. Its another place where I can get that watercolor feel I love, loosing the control I like to have and just letting the magic happen. I am trying different fabrics like silks and muslin along with different methods.”

To see more of Desiree's wondrously eclectic artwork visit The Clothesline.

Ah, to be a fairy
Floating on air,
Flitting about
Without a care.

Ah, to be soaring
On gossamer wings,
Enjoying whatever
The sunny day brings.

Ah, to settle down
At the end of day,
Knowing tomorrow's magic
Will be full of play.

-Randi Kuhne

I have always loved poetry--there is something about the rhythm, rhyme and cadence of poetry which embraces the soul .  Randi Kuhne is a new discovery.  Her words are winsome and paint beautiful pictures of fairies.  If you are enchanted by fairytales--you will love her work.  She inspires me with the art of her words in poetry. 

Randi writes, "I've written poems since grade school and began to focus on fairies several years ago...  Eventually I will illustrate some of my fairy poems and sell them online."  I, for one, can hardly wait!

To read more of this gifted poet's exceptional poetry visit My Fairy Poems.

One fabulous aspect of facebook, is I've found so many artists there who inspire me.  Pam Utton is new to me--but what an inspiration she is.  She has a special gift for bringing animal faces to life.  I am so charmed by each animal's individual personality.  In addition to her artwork, this wonderful self-taught artist runs Art 4 Causes on Facebook. 

Pam writes, "...My primary medium is watercolor, but I also paint with acrylic and with glass enamel paint. I have loved art and animals for as long as I remember and provide fundraisers and give back a % of sales to rescues. I would love to capture your pet for you in the medium and artistic style of your choice. My goal is for you to see the soul of your pet when you look in their eyes."  

To see more of Pam's adorable artwork, visit Pam Utton Fine Art.  Happily you can buy both prints and original paintings at her website.  You can also find her work on facebook at Pam Utton.

I loved reading the history of this extraordinary artist, Tim Perkins.  What an inspiration--the story of how he pursued his dream is so inspiring--not to mention his marvelous artwork.  I love the expressiveness he embeds into each of his drawings.  A born storyteller, Tim's imagination has no bounds.  

This skilled artist has worked as a graphic designer since 1980, and in the comic book and children's books industries since 1983.  He has also worked in the theme park industry and in the animation field. It is certainly no surprise he has worked for Marvel UK, 2000AD, Marvel US, DC comics, Defiant, Tekno, Caliber, Fleetway, Newsstand, and Toontastic amongst others.  Tim cites some of his career highlights in comics as Dreamstone, Chopper, Dinoswords, and Dr Who. 

Tim writes, "They say that behind every great man is an even greater woman...Well I may not be a great man, but Margaret my wife is a great woman and my rock. She has always stood by me and backed me to the hilt...sometimes I question her sanity for this...but never have I doubted her support. I wouldn't be here today but for all the help she provides for me in the background, an unsung heroine..."   All I can say is, "Wow!"

To see more of Tim Perkins inspiring artwork, visit Wizard's Keep.  You can also keep up with what he's doing next at Wizard's Keep, The Tim Perkins Blog.

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Pam Utton said...

Thanks for the spotlight shared on my pet portrait page too. My client Bea will be thrilled that her bulldog Spanky made it on your wonderful blog. Spanky passed away and she misses him so much, she often asks me to post the painting so she can view while on her PC at work.

Clytie said...

Another amazing group of artists you have spotlighted! I especially love "Spanky" - Pam caught personality here!!! Thank you for hosting this wonderful and inspirational meme.

Grannie Annie said...

Wow Sissy these are tremendous wonderful stuff.

Hallelujah I finally fixed my no comment problem!! I hope all is well with you guys...i'm still down here waiting for spring to come...it snowed over Memorial Day weekend if you can believe it.
Take care of you and keep finding all those great clouds and artists...love you.

Julia Christie said...

Thanks again for sharing such a talented group with us! I find so many wonderful places to visit when I'm here!


teri said...

Lovely selection~

cristina dalla valentina said...

Another beautiful and interesting selection of artists, Beth!
What I love most about your FATTuesday is that your notion of art is so broad, and includes all forms of art, poetry, photography, literature ... it's all so inspiring! Thanks!

Megan Coyle said...

What a lovely group of artists! And I'm really liking the lion piece - so colorful and beautiful!