Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wrapped Up

Silly Kitty found a ball of yarn. This is one of my very first attempts with Pen and Ink.

Daddy Update: Today will be the last of the 100 degree weather. Last night it cooled down enough I was able to air out the house. I think it will be much more comfortable for my parents today. Dad is showing lots of improvement. He says his neck feels better than it has since the accident, and the wound vac on the top of his head seems to be doing it's healing work. Friday the physical therapist and the nurse will be in to do their magic, then I will drive him to the Vetran's hospital on Tuesday for an appointment with the plastic surgeon. Thank you again for all your encouragement, good thoughts and prayers.


Looking to the Stars said...

Love the kitty! Glad to hear about your dad.Hope the weather starts heading towards the cooler side for all of you. Take Care

Catherine said...

What an adorable drawing! Such wonderful texture, and that little kitten is SO cute!
You and your family continue to be in my prayers. Hugs, C.

Clytie said...

Oh sissie! How exquisite! How fun! How talented you are!! I adore this picture!

Angie said...

Great kitty picture. Glad you Dad seems to be getting better. God bless you as you take care of things for your parents. Love ya

Nina P. said...

Such a cutie, I want to cuddle him up and take him home! So soft and furry with a little mischief in his eye! You are truly a talented artist. I love his cute smile and inquisitive eyes!
I'm so grateful your Dad is doing better. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, for strength, courage, and healing for your Dad, your Mom and all the family, doctors, nurses and therapists. May God bless and keep you all and hold you in the palm of His hand, giving you His Grace, Peace, Comfort and Understanding always. Love and Light, Nina P

Smart Mouth Broad said...

What a cute little kitty.
I'm so glad to hear you're dad's doing better. Hugs,SMB