Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finding Beauty

This is a pen and ink I found in my drawer of old drawings. It is called Finding Beauty. I remember the incident which sparked this picture.

We were living in a very old house with single wall construction--there was no insulation. The idea was to fix the old place, building equity as we went--sweat equity. That first winter all five of us lived in the tiny living room and adjacent bedroom--about 450 square feet. A wool blanket separated those rooms from the rest of the house, where in winter one could set a cup of water on the window sill to find it frozen by morning. The house also leaked like a sieve. We had no way to fix the leaks, and our things were being damaged. I felt desperate and could find no beauty in where we were living.

Mumsie came over one weekend and I was pouring out my heart to her. She listened. And then we went in to look at the leaking roof. She smiled with a mischievous twinkle. "Look here," she said pointing at the brown stains on the ceiling. "You can see a face right there."

"And there's a hippopotamus," I replied.

"And a rosebud," she returned. We looked into one another's eyes and I began to laugh. Deep uncontrollable belly laughter. We laughed until our stomach muscles were sore. Suddenly I had found unexpected beauty and could see the humor in my situation.

Things were still hard after that, but I saw everything in a new light.

DADDY UPDATE: Both Dad and Mom slept through the night. Dad did not have any flashbacks or nightmares, and seems quite plucky this morning. Please continue to pray for Dad and Mom. There are also emotional hurts which must heal along with their bodies.


Blogaire said...

Hi Beth, thanx for visiting my blog so here I am dropping in to your place. Well your drawing is truly beautiful and the story so inspiring. I have been feeling a little down for the past few days but you have put a smile back on my face.
I admit I did get a little carried away with Charleville Castle, but it's just such an amazing place. I have posted a few PFF's, mainly on postboxes, but for next Friday I do have postcards lined up. I used to collect them in my younger days and Marie through PFF has inspired me to start again and it's such fun!
Looking forward to your post also on Friday.

Kate said...

Good afternoon! Thanks for your visit to my blog; I appeciate it. It's expecially significant since you have other things to worry about instead of making sure you visit other bloggers. It is my hope that your father recovers quickly and that your mother continues to mend as well. It must be tough to "find beauty" now but your attitude is so very positive!

Nora Johnson said...

Hi Beth!
Many thanks too for visiting my blog especially since you have worries about your parents. I do hope both of them continue to make good progress. As Kate above has said, your attitude is very positive despite their dreadful experience!

All the very best wishes to you and your parents,

xxxNora & LOla:)

Miss_Yves said...

Sorry for your parents, I hope they feel better .
Don't worry , you aren't late,there are more important things in life than blooging .
You are very creative and I love your drawings.

Grannie Annie said...

What a wonderful story of optimizum. It's like Abe Lincoln said "If you look for the good you will surely find it."
I'm so very glad your parents are doing better. That kind of trauma is nasty at any age but at your Mom and Dad age, yuck....I don't even like to think about it.
My toughts and prayers are still with you so hang in there everyone.

JamaGenie said...

Beth, I'm so flattered you visited Sat's Child what with all you're dealing with right now.

What a wonderful, positive attitude your mother has! I lived in a (rented) house where the roof leaked so bad we finally had no choice but to move. No chance of seeing pretty pictures in the water stains because the ceiling tiles would fall right down when wet!

Your parents are in my thoughts and prayers!

Clytie said...

And it's no wonder we grew up seeing faces in clouds, and randomness that we might have missed had we not learned to look up ... and see. Thanks mom.

Angie said...

Hi Beth: Glad your parents are experiencing some relief. I'm sure the prayers of people for them is helping. God doesn't abandon us and He will help them through this.

It's already 98 degrees, on its way to 116 or so. Praise the Lord that we like heat.
Love ya,

Mekeel McBride said...

I love this story. And somehow, seeing the hippo seems so transformative. Good reminder to stay focused in the positive. Thank you.