Wednesday, July 15, 2009

She Lives in the Window

This is one of my first pen and inks. I love drawing draperies, and thought up the idea of a "drapery angel." Hence the title She Lives in the Window.

DADDY UPDATE: Dad is eating well. Mumsie says he slept well last night, though awoke complaining of pain in the back of his neck where it is broken. He seems better this morning, and there were no hallucinations or flashbacks. Thank you so much for your good thoughts and prayers. Please continue to pray for Dad's complete healing.


Clytie said...

She can come live in my window anytime she wants! She's beautiful!

Looking to the Stars said...

Glad to hear about your dad. Love the drawing :)

Nina P. said...

Loks like a gardian angel in the window... I bet its the same one that saved your parents! Such a wonderful drawing! Love and Light, Nina P.

Terry said...

Howdy Beth
I am so glad to hear you Dad is
Thank you for sharing the update .
What a beautiful lady you have created.
She makes me think there is a piece of stain glass awaiting her arrival somewhere .
Blessings to you.
Happy Trails

Woman in a Window said...

I guess he was complaining! I can't imagine that kind of pain. I bet all of you make him lighter though. Your picture makes me lighter. I love it. You have such amazing talent.

Take care.

Mekeel McBride said...

Yes, she's most certainly welcome in my window, too! I wish!