Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sky Angel

This is one of my very first pieces using my beloved Prismacolor pencils. I also used some gold leaf paint I had on hand for the wings. I created this picture for a precious little friend when she was around 11 years old.

Daddy Update: I stayed until dark last night, and Dad seemed to be doing a lot better. I'm so glad it will not be as hot today--with that collar he must wear to stabilize his neck, the heat was really bothering him. Thank you so much for your prayers!


Clytie said...

She is joyful and beautiful. What a beautiful sight to start my weekend!

Lydia said...

She's so beautiful!
I just thought that all your angels are very much around your parents right now as they recover. You've given them an army, or an orchestra, or a team of angels. (but I'll still pray for your dad.)

Crafty Green Poet said...

What a beautiful angel

glad your father is doing better

~Cheryl said...

This little angel is such a joy and perfect for the sunny sky!

Geez. I go away for a coupla weeks and oh, how things change! I just finished back-tracking to discover the why behind your Daddy update. I'm overjoyed that your parents have pulled through this difficult time but realize the road is still a long one. Love and prayers to all!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I just love your burst of colors. I've been catching up. Glad to hear your mom and dad are both doing much better. They remain in my thoughts and prayers. :-)

Margo said...

hope everyone is getting better! I agree the colors are gorgeous -ah - if only prismacolors could make me talented in this way! I find this very uplifting :)