Monday, April 2, 2012

Crickette Kitty

As storm clouds laden with rain scudded across the skies, I caught our little Crickette'  peeking over the tops of the clouds.

 Above you see her as I first caught her pouncing upon wisps of the storm.

Here she is again!  I was able to get two shots of our darling kitty before she whiskered her way back to heaven.

And here you see Crickette' as I originally saw her, peeking through the storm.  Of course, I waved.  I'm sure she winked before she flew away.


Tina´s PicStory said...

how sweet and lovely! ♥

Katherine Thomas said...

That's so cool, how you blended the cat with the clouds. Very creative and such strong impact! I like it!

Snap said...


Tammie Lee said...

i was just out walking, looking at clouds, wondering what you would see in them!
i love what you have seen and created with these clouds Beth.

Susan Evans said...

Hey, I went cloud watching yesterday, because the sun was shining and invited me to go out. I LOVE all the beautiful creatures you see in the clouds, Beth.

Plus, I've decided to add you to my daily prayers, as you minister in your drama ministry, which both you and your husband are very good at. I know that Easter is coming up, so I'm praying about that. :)