Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mossy Lassie

I love walking with my darling Sissy through the forests where we played as children.  I remember when I happened to spy this happy collie peeking from the crags of a lichen-covered stump.  She looked a bit like Lassie to me.

You had to stand just so to see her.  Here is the cropped version of  Lassie as I first saw her.

Above you see the original photograph in full. If you look closely, I think there's a craggy brown face there, too.  Because I loved Lassie so much as a child, I thought it especially cool to find my Mossy Lassie in the magical forests of my childhood..


Sonya said...

I totally relate to this experience. I see so many images in the forest and the clouds. All one needs to do is look with an open and imaginative mind. Thanks for sharing.

Susan Evans said...

My kids cried when I read Lassie to them, at the part where he fell down. They thought he was dead. They were so relieved when he got back up again!

Tina G said...

thanks for your comment! putting tears to my eyes ♥