Friday, July 15, 2011

Another World

Trapped on the grassy world of Stindotu, the brave warrior Noztes and his companion Jor, the golden wolf of Urpac, seek a porthole leading to safety on another world. Their loyalty to one another is tested as they face certain destruction from the evil shadow beings residing in this world.  Death is not far, as these two face the furious bombardment of molten fireballs streaming out of the skies.

Caught in the death-struggle of a dying planet, the two friends face certain annihilation. Will they find a way out? Can impossible odds be beaten?

AND, what about NAOMI?!

Surely theirs, is a story which must be written. (grin)

1 comment:

Tammie said...

Beth, dear lady, you are so creative. How do you come up with your tales and then your magical art! I love it.
Light to you~