Friday, August 16, 2019

Whiskers Akimbo -Paint Party Friday

I took some time aside and made two dozen of little ACEO cards.  This whimsical little fellow is my favorite.  For those of you who don't know, these tiny art pieces are the size of a baseball card.  They're a lot of fun to do.  It will be fun to add color to them.

I hope your week has gone well.  We are expecting rain by Wednesday, then back to higher temps next week.  It has been such a mild summer.  I've enjoyed the warmth and sunshine.

Thank you for dropping by, dear Friends.  Your comments always brighten my day. Have a lovely weekend and Happy Paint Party Friday. 


Christine said...

This is delightful Beth!

LA Paylor said...

what a gift! It's just charming!

Jennifer Rose said...

aww very cute :)

ReHiTu / HodjaEffendi said...

Woow you are so good at this job. While we were children we were adding colours to this type of arts.