Friday, January 4, 2019

Shelter in the Storm -Paint Party Friday

A couple of nights ago we had a huge windstorm with pounding rains--this cute little drawing, inspired by a vintage postcard, was born during that storm!  Thankfully there was not any damage to the property, other than a big canopy which escaped its tethers to land on its head in the alley next to the house.

The storm was quite an adventure! The wind was so strong at times it wiffled its way through the sealed air conditioner, causing the curtains to puff and breathe. 

With every additional noise, my little friend, Toez the Polydactyl Cat, became more tense.  Her sleepy eyes grew wider as she slowly perked her ears forward.  Then her sudden saucer eyes began to glow bright yellow. Especially when the wind began to howl down the chimney. I could see the hair on her nape rise, and her nostrils twitch as she considered the sound.

Abruptly she leaped from her comfy spot in front of the fireplace to skitter up the stairs, flying back downstairs, sounding like a herd of miniature elephants.
I giggled as she stealthily climbed to the top of the fat chair by the front window moving the curtains aside to position her nose against the glass. When she tired of the view, suddenly she was stalking something on the floor. I couldn't see anything there--but whatever it was seemed to tremendously interesting. Every now and again, she would suddenly leap straight up into the air, then go back to snooting yon non-existent bug...

I did try to go to sleep--the wind was a nice lullaby. However each time I was finally close to curling up and dropping off, Toez would catapult herself onto my shoulder, to walk stiff-legged across my arm, onto my hip, skipping on her kitty toes down to my feet.  This, of course, left me pop-eyed and wide awake.

I did manage to sleep toward morning as the storm eased. Thank the Lord for that!

Happy Paint Party Friday!  May the adventures of your New Year be glorious and fun!  Blessings and peace, dear Friends--thank you for dropping by.


DVArtist DVArtist said...

This is just beautiful and has such a clear message.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very cute birdy :)

had a windstorm here the other day, things were flying all over