Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dew in the Morning -Guest Heart Thursday

This beautiful fairy from my sketchbook was inspired by an old print in a fairytale book.  Tuesday morning I met a young woman at the doctor's office whose name had the meaning of dew in the morning.  And so I was further inspired.  This is a dew fairy, a type of winged being who, in the dawn of morning, encourages luscious drops of light and reflection to gently rest upon the plants and trees of the earth.  

There are hearts hidden in this drawing--how many can you find?  

Have a lovely day and Happy Guest Heart Thursday!

For more heart art, photography and altogether fabulous heart stuff from around the world, visit Clytie at Random Hearts for Guest Heart Thursday.


Leovi said...

I like that drawing interesting ! A lovely fairy !

Tammie Lee said...

SUCH a lovely drawing
truly sweet
to be given that name feels endearing.

Clytie said...

Beautiful, sissie. You are truly amazing. By the way, I found 8 but I'm sure I missed some!

Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

I see them on her draping robe an on the butterfly wings but am not counting for there are many.
Thanks for visitng my posts:)

Julia Christie said...

Hello Beth,

So sweet to see your comment on my blog - I am so absent :)
Life just takes over but I do indeed need to get back to writing! I miss my bloggy friends:)))
Hope all is well with you and I love love love your fairie! Talk about talent my dear. What a gentle sweet energy your artwork shares with us all. Thank you.

smiles and hugs