Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Sweet Friend Bootz The Cat

This is our sweet little Friend Bootz The Cat.  Boots flew away from this earth ten days ago.  She left a giant hole behind.  How we miss the funny things she did.

She had claimed the left side of my desk as her own.  If I happened to leave something I was working on in HER space--she'd push whatever it was off the desk--into the garbage, then sit back on her haunches, staring down as though to say--well, that's where THAT belongs.  She would often jump onto my desk.  She would start her flying leap from across the room.  The impetus of impact would send everything except Bootz, onto the floor. I think she liked the noise it made--and the fuss I made.  lol  She was so cute I could only laugh at her.

She would follow my husband and I around the house, interested in everything we did.  When I would sit at the kitchen table to draw or read, Bootz would hide under my skirt, sitting on my toes--snagging anyone who passed by, along with strings, feathers--whatever might dangle into her reach.  She knew how to open doors and loved to watch the birds from my husband's office window.  She slept on Alan's lap in the evenings and spent her night times cuddled between the two of us.

She rarely spoke, but when she did--we knew something was up.  She needed additional water in her dish, or wanted more food.  She disdained  people food of any kind, preferring her science diet food. 

The day before she left us, she snuggled more than she had ever before.  She stayed as close to each of us as she could.  She even would lay her head on my arm as I worked on my computer.

This picture was completed some days ago--I wanted to share her happy face with you.


Clytie said...

I know how much you miss the darling Bootz. I'm so glad you have these wonderful memories, sissie. I have an article I want you to read that has helped us with the loss of one of our dear creatures. I'll send it to you soon.

sharalyns said...

Thank you for sharing! ((hugs)) I'm so sorry about Bootz.