Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FAT Tuesday Artist Spotlight #3

I created FAT Tuesday to showcase inspiring artists and to provide a forum for Artists to share their work with one another--this includes all types of arts, photography and crafts, including writing and poetry.  If you would like to take part in FAT Tuesday, check out these guidelines:

* Upload the art you want to share onto your blog.
*  Don't forget to leave a link to your art on Linky tools.
*  Be sure to visit other artists who have left their link.
*  Leave a comment when you visit each artist's blog 
(We artists need to encourage each other!)
*  Be sure to put a link to FAT Tuesday on your blog page.
(You can copy the button at the bottom of the page if you'd like.)

My sister Clytie introduced me to this amazing photographer/philosopher some time ago.  Prospero's wonderful pictures and accompanying comments always give one pause to ponder.  The above photo is Autumn.  The contrasting photo for summer is equally lovely.

To see more thought provoking photography, visit Prospero at Serendipitous Garden.

Ten years ago, on our 17th Anniversary, my husband and I stayed in beautiful Gig Harbor, Washington.  As we perused the shops, I found an artist from Texas, I loved.  She had painted river rocks as cats and animals so exquisitely, I thought they might move.  I never forgot her name or her work.  Years later I joined an art group, where, to my delight, I found Lynn once more.  She has become a good friend.  You can see why her work inspires me so.  I believe she is quite possibly one of great artists of our time.

To view Lynn's incredible artistry, please visit Lynn Risor's Art Gallery.

Dollores began to create bronze sculptures after she and her husband had raised six children--one of whom is our darling SissyDea, Deann.  A self taught sculptor, Dollores began her work at age 60!  Now 82, she is still active in the arts community.  From 1994-95 to 1997-98, her amazing life-sized pieces were selected to be featured in Cypress Gardens Endangered Species Sculpture Park, Winter Haven FL. Dollores has sold her work throughout the United States and has received awards on several of her pieces.  Dollores is one of my inspirations!  I am honored to know this great lady.

To see these wonderful sculptures please visit Dollores at Dollores Bronze.

Rose is a new Friend.  Her handmade dolls are exquisite in every detail.  Every time I visit her blog, I am in awe.  She creates in three-dimensions, what I would draw in two.  Rose has captured the essence of Faery and all things imaginative.  I am privileged to know this incredible artist.

To see more of this Rose's amazing creations, please visit her at B.B. Flocking.

Perhaps you are wondering about Photings.  I did!  Photings are simply jottings on photos!  I do not know much about this artist, but there have been days I have needed the wisdom found in a Photing.  The words are perfectly suited to the marvelous photography.  To see more of these beautifully crafted sayings, visit Photings.


Grannie Annie said...

Oh Sissy Bea these are just fantastic...I love finding all these new blogs to check out...the artwork this week is amazing. Love FAT Tuesday...Love you.

magiceye said...

thank you for featuring me beth in this wonderful inititative..
am truly honored

PurpleHeart said...

Another great work of creation !! I'm almost finding the inspiration I was looking for..:)

Sunny said...

The featured artwork is amazing, such wonderful talent.
Thank you for your kind comments, I would be honored to be included, although I don't think of myself as an artist.
☼ Sunny

Clytie said...

Wow, sissie, you sure do find the most amazing artists!!! I can't wait to use your links to check out all of these amazing people!

whymsicalmusings said...

Beth thank you again for this wonderful opportunity. I have posted this evening and added my link so that it will be there for Fat Tuesday. You truly are an angel:)

Prospero said...

Hello, Beth. Thank you for featuring my photos on your blog. It's nice to see fellow artists taking care of each other. I'm sorry if I could not have responded to you earlier but I have been busy with the ravages of hurricane Igor. Many of my trees were badly damaged and it made an incredible mess (that will take weeks to clean up). Everyone on the island is safe, but the damage to property will take some to be fully repaired. Thank you again, I really appreciate your continued support.