Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FAT Tuesday Artist Spotlight #5

I'm sorry I'm a day late with the FAT Tuesday Artist Spotlight!   Please feel free to join--the link will be open until next Monday evening.

I created FAT Tuesday to showcase inspiring artists and to provide a forum for Artists to share their work with one another--this includes all types of arts, photography and crafts, including writing and poetry.  If you would like to take part in FAT Tuesday, check out these guidelines:
* Upload what you want to share, onto your blog.
*  Don't forget to leave a link to your art on Linky tools.
*  Be sure to visit other artists who have left their link.
*  Leave a comment when you visit each artist's blog 
(We artists need to encourage each other!)
*  Be sure to put a link to FAT Tuesday on your blog page.
(You can copy the button at the bottom of the page if you'd like.) 

I found Al's wonderful photography blog some time ago.  This is one of his photos from many years ago.  A one time lecturer, writer on European Affairs and bus conductor, Alan Burnett now divides his time between walking the dog and a little harmless blogging.  I have been inspired by his gifted photography work, I know  you will be too!

To see more of Al's photography, visit Al's Daily Photo Blog.

I have followed Peggy for a year or so.  She is SO creative--and inspiring!  Peggy says, "I often use old family pictures in my pieces and feel good about giving them birth again. I love to laugh, am very sentimental, and cry more happy tears than sad ones."  She enjoys seeing all the new art of her artist Friends and says she learns something new every day.  She is an inspiration!

To see more of Peggy's creative artwork visit Peggy's Mixed Up Art.

I found Diane's blog through Illustration Friday.  Her work is whimsical and precious.  She says, "I like smiling. Smiling's my favorite."  This happy attitude is reflected in her artwork.  Diane is a brilliant, thoughtful artist who's work delights the eye and tickles the funnybone.

To see more of this lovely artist's work, visit Diane at Dudadaze!

Somewhere along the line,
the big zero of time was twisted
at the waist to become an eight.
An hourglass of days, slipping slow
from the top, then fast below the belt.
Is it providence, or a lemniscate of fate?
I like to think of myself as a verb
and not the object. Chop-chop!
I wait the hours. I empty my head of winter.
I am frightened by other people’s fears,
but not of the eight, not of the hourglass of days.
September 2010 by Tess Kincaid

The poetry of Tess Kincaid captures the imagination.  She is a talented writer who's unique viewpoint often causes one to ponder.  Her poetry is exquisite and poignant.

To read more from Tess, visit Life at Willow Manor.

This artist uses color, patterns and words in a way that delights my soul.  One of her greatest inspirations is her eldest daughter who was mostly silent until she was three.  This wonderful Artist/Mom writes, "Then poof - nearly overnight - she started dispensing crisp, neatly articulated sentences based on the speech pattern of a 90 year old and the grammar rules from another planet."  I find it wonderful that this artist  has been inspired by her own dear little girl and this charming artwork is the result.   

To see more incredibly funny and delightful artwork, as well as fun photography visit Artsyville.


peggy gatto said...

What a lovely surprise!!!
Thank you for including me and now I am off to discover more artists!
Fun idea of yours.
You know how I feel about YOUR art!!!
: )

Deann said...

Isn't art wonderful I so adore looking at what other create it's like seeing a small slice of their soul...and being able to say I have felt that way or they are so much wiser then I.
Thank you for the art Sissy Bea and the wonderful poetry...I loved the poetry too.
I hope you are feeling better and I'm keeping you in my prayers. Love you.

Diane Duda said...

Thanks so much, Beth. I'm honored to be included. :)

Megan Coyle said...

I love how you're sharing the work of other artists - another group of lovely finds :)

Alan Burnett said...

Thanks for the link and the nice words. I will certainly be visiting the other participants.

aimee said...

i owe you a huge thanks and a huge apology for getting over here so late, beth - THANK YOU for the honor! :)