Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Featured Artists, on FAT Tuesday - #2

I created FAT Tuesday to showcase inspiring artists and to provide a forum for Artists to share their work with one another--this includes all types of arts, photography and crafts, including writing and poetry.  If you would like to take part in FAT Tuesday, check out these guidelines:

* Upload the art you want to share onto your blog.
*  Don't forget to leave a link to your art on Linky tools.
*  Be sure to visit other artists who have left their link.
*  Leave a comment when you visit each artist's blog 
(We artists need to encourage each other!)
*  Be sure to put a link to FAT Tuesday on your blog page.
(You can copy the button at the bottom of the page if you'd like.)

Darlene is a wonderful artist, who's talents extend to sculpture and doll making.  This 16" x 20" canvas is one of her favorite pieces, called "Cherish."  She used paints, some old music, a copy of an antique book cover and molding paste to create this amazing artwork.  Darlene believes mixed media arts give us a rich balance of creative freedom.

Indeed this creatively eclectic artist has been an inspiration to me and to many other artists out there!  To see more of this wonderful artist's work, visit Darlene at A Dancing Mango.

This exquisitely detailed ACEO (2.5x3.5 inch) card was created by my niece Tory.  I traded one of my own ACEO pieces for it--I think I got the better half of the deal.  She created this piece with ball point pens, in about an hour.  It is a lace of intricacy which intrigues and delights my eyes.

Tory is a wonderful artist - her graphite drawings look so real they might move.  I will be featuring more of her artwork in the days ahead.  Please encourage this incredible young artist by visiting Tori at Tori's Artwork!

Dave's artwork boggles my mind.  He is a sixty-two year old artist with a taste for history and the printed word. This incredibly creative artist been drawing envelopes for well over fifty years and still continues to do so, as he says, "either on a whim, or of necessity."  His exquisitely detailed artwork is an inspiration to me.

To see more wonderful "Mail Art," visit Dave Dube' at Old Paper Art

Amber Day's artwork is delicate and absolutely beautiful. Amber is a self-taught artist who's work is a favorite of collectors on Ebay, where she is known as animaegirl.    Amber is the lovely artist who helped me get started on Etsy and Ebay--she has been a huge inspiration and encouragement to me.  She is wonderful.

To see more of Amber's amazing artwork, visit Doodles by Amber Day!

I have been captured by Henny's wonderful photography and artwork for more than a year.  This is an example of the unique quality of her drawings.  She sees the world in a way which inspires me.   Her recent set of photos capturing the progress of a caterpiller spinning a cocoon fills my heart with wonder.

To see more of Henny's incredible artwork and photography visit her at  iWings.


Grannie Annie said...

I love FAT Tuesday...what wonderful artists. I especially like Tory's pen doodles they are amazing. Thank you for showing us all your artsy friends. Love you.

get in here comics said...

This is delightful!

Dani said...

wonderful. Will join you soon.


Melinda said...

gorgeous...I love that first mixed media creation!

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear Bethie! You must have been reading my mind once again!
I was thinking yesterday was Monday... til I realized it wasn't.
I came to your page and didn't see any new post so I thought you were thinking it was Monday too! lol
Then I came back later to see you had posted my art work. Thank you so much for taking it upon yourself to be like an angel and do this.
I am going to be posting my Friday Friends soon!
Uffda, hubby takes me away from so much.. :-(

PurpleHeart said...

It's a celebration of art ! FAT Tuesday is a beautiful tribute to the spirit of such creators !!!

Grannie Annie said...

Of course Sissy Bea you are welcome to link me up to FAT Tuesday. Love you.

b.b.flockling * Rose said...

What a wonderful idea...Tonight, I blissfully got lost in the worlds of several of your featured artists, Beth. This might be habit forming!!! love, Rose

willow said...

This is a wonderful idea, Beth! I like that you're open to all kinds of art. Thanks so much for your kind invitation!

Megan Coyle said...

I like that you started FAT Tuesday - I definitely enjoyed taking a look at the featured artists this week :) thanks for sharing!

MrCachet said...

Beth! It is Thursday PM, and I just got my machine back from the ER, as I had the system board fail on Sunday afternoon. I'll link back to you in the AM!

Thank you very much for including me on Tuesday. I feel honored, and a little embarrassed at my predicament.

Tammie said...

Beth you have shared so much wonderful art here! I look forward to visiting these blogs.

Some day I will join in your fun.

ps I have shared your mermaid art on beauty flows today....

whymsicalmusings said...

Oh FAT Tuesday just sounds so wonderful! I am so grateful you asked me to join:) What a wonderful wonderful idea. I have travled to each persons blog and enjoyed so much the diverse gathering of art!

You are so welcom to link me to Fat Tuesday I so appreciate you:) You always bring such a smile to my heart.

Let me know when you would like a piece of artwork and I will send it your way:)