Tuesday, April 7, 2009

With Great Sympathy

Last Thursday our dear friend Deann from The Whimsey Asylum was by her father's side as he slipped away to heaven. I cannot imagine the pain she must be feeling right now as her Dad's passing has left a huge hole in her world. I created this badge as a way to express my sympathy for her great loss.

Years ago my friend Geri (now in heaven, too) sent this poem by Eva Sparks Taylor. I send it now to you, dear Deann.

So, I send this note to say
My morning prayer included you.
You might be braver if you knew.
And so I send this note to say,
I took your grief to God today.
Your troubled heart,
Your load of sorrow.
Asked Him for strength for your tomorrow.
Because I am your friend, I share
Your pain as well as joy. I care.
So earnestly I give you more
Than love's own gift. At heaven's door,
I lay your broken heart, and He
Leans down to comfort you, for me.



Clytie said...

Beautifully put, dear sissie. My heart and prayers also go out to our new sister Deann. Love and Peace.

Grannie Annie said...

Beautiful, absolutly heart wrenchingly beautiful Thank you so very much for your wonderful tribute and for all your love my sisters. It means so much to me and I will share it with my mother and my family who are all in need of tender words and loving care, I will also include it with the mementoes I will treasure from this life altering week.
When my obligations have diminished I will have time to tell you both how much it means to have sisters of the heart like you,
until then God bless you both. ~ Deann

~Cheryl said...

Beautiful badge; beautiful words. May God's love continue to shine through the dark hours.

Catherine said...

Thank you for sharing such touching words; my prayers go out to Deann and her broken heart.