Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wrapped in Mist -Guest Heart Thursday

A few weeks ago (on my birthday) my dear girl Rena married Luke, her own true love!  I am SO happy for her--she positively glows.  This watercolor painting is her wedding gift.  Of course, I have hidden a few hearts in her misty veil.

Above is my reference photo.  When I saw this wonderful photograph by Holly Butler of Roselynn Photography, I had to paint it!  

I had posted this painting earlier in the week, but for some reason, Blogger ATE it.  Since there are hearts hidden in her veil I thought it perfect for Guest Heart Thursday, so I re-posted it!  

For more heart art, photography and altogether fabulous heart stuff from around the world, visit Clytie at Random Hearts for Guest Heart Thursday.


Leovi said...

That delicious compositions, pure art! Beautiful dreamy!

TexWisGirl said...

how sweet! congratulations to her and to you on your growing family. :)