Monday, July 14, 2014

Mother Nature -Summer of Color

This is a drawing of my Mother.  We laughed because in the picture she is WAY too short and looks a bit out of proportion.  So we figure since she's Mother Nature, she's actually rising up out of the earth--that way we can imagine she is as tall as my darling Mums.  Mom is tall, graceful and queenly--she would actually make a wonderful Ma Nature.

Above is the palette of colors to be used.  What a lovely challenge!  I hope a little blue and brown are allowed--Mother Nature must have the additional colors.

There is a fun story behind this drawing.  Mums and I were at Costco shopping for dish soap.  She could not find the one she'd always used and was a bit disappointed.  A delightful Hispanic man, very short in stature asked if he could help her.  When she explained what she was looking for, he said he was very sorry but they didn't have that kind of soap in stock anymore.

Said my Mother sweetly, "But that's the kind I always use."

Said the little man, "I know."

Replied Mumsie, "Do you know who I am?"

With wide eyes, the poor man practically bowed.  "Yes.  Yes, I do," he whispered.

Then Mums stretching to her full height and leaning a bit forward, said, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature."

"I know," he said, hastily backing and bowing nearly to his knees. Then suddenly without another word he turned and scurried away through storeroom door as fast as he could go.

Mom and I stood open mouthed.  Astonished, Mumsie said, "I was just joking.  Do you think he really thought I was Mother Nature?" 

To this day we laugh over the incident and I tease her about being Mother Nature in disguise.

But as you can see above--Mom does indeed have a deep connection to nature, the woods and her garden. (wink, wink)  This is actually an untouched photo I took of Mumsie--the angle of the sun was perfect for that bit of glory light you see.

It is so delightful to be a part of drawing to a specific palette of colors.  To learn about the fun to be had each week visit Summer of Color.

Have a lovely summer day all you wonderful people!

20 comments: said...

oh I loved your story. I am laughing.

I guess Moms are funny to daughters.

I remember when I had a hair appointment. Yet we were a bit early. So then I said. Okay we will be back in half hour. We are going to go have a salad at the restaurant.

My daughter said. Mom you don't have to tell her where your going or what you plan to eat.

Just say okay will be back later thank you.

So I laughed at you telling about your mom and the soap. Even laughed at your description of your mom.

Oh I like your art choice with color.

Mine is up on my page.

I am new and now your color entry time is soon over.

Next year I will be back.

Barbara said...

Very nice page.

peggy gatto said...

I adored your story, pure delight!!!
Your painting is so fun and so original, I loved this post!!!

GlorV1 said...

Excellent photo of your mom. She is beautiful and looks very happy. What a wonderful mother she must be. I enjoyed your story and your painting is delightful. Happy end of SOC day to you.

Leovi said...

Nice and funny tribute to your mother!

Tammie Lee said...

such a wonderful sstory!
Gorgeous and meaningful art!
and oh what a photo of your mum with an angel ray of light!

Nic McLean said...

What a great piece-looks goodwith thoseextra colours to make it pop. Great story of mother nature.

sheila 77 said...

What an interesting blogpost. Your painting of your mother is very intriguing with all the details, I like her blue hair and the arch of trees and all the flowers gathered around her, it's a lovely painting. Great story too.

Ophelia Staton said...

Wow!! I love what you have created here!!! Love how you used the colors!

Linda K said...

your illustration is just delightful-and thanks for sharing your story and mother nature mom!

Deborah Weber said...

Oh what a wonderful story! And a gorgeous work of art as well!

Sharon Fritchman said...

LOVEd reading your wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it and the photo of your mom, too. Your art work is amazing and beautiful. HUGS to you!!!!

Krisha said...

What a wonderful post and a cute story about your Mum and her soap. Poor little guy probably never spoke to an other woman again!!! LOL

Great drawing of Ma Nature too.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This was a fantastic drawing. You draw and color so well. I'm in awe. And the story of your mom made me laugh. How fun, because Mother Nature can't be fooled!

Kristin said...

SO happy to have you join in! Your artwork and story are wonderful. Looking forward to catching you sooner next year ;) xo

massofhair said...

Fantastic story, great picture of your Mum in her 'Garden'. A lovely tribute, love how you have coloured your Mum in, wonderful :-) xxx

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful post, made me smile! Valerie

Dia said...

What a lovely painting & such a fun story!!
I'm all about stories - I love them as well ...
This looks like such an interesting series - I just encountered a link over on Paint Party Friday!
Here's my post for this week - think I'll have to play with Raspberry & Tangerine as well

Cindy McMath said...

Fun picture of Mother Nature (so much detail - amazing!) and your mom too!

Caz said...

ah lovely picture! I loved hearing about your mum too, so cute :-)