Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nouveau Baby - Guest Heart Thursday

This is my beloved Sister Clytie and our youngest Sister.  The drawing was done in the style of Art Nouveau, which I love.  It was last year's Christmas gift--of course both sisters received a print. 

My inspiration was a small black and white photograph of my sisters when they were small.  I was a freshman in high school when our youngest sister was born--as a teenager, though I liked her, I wasn't as interested in a little one.  So, our baby sister became Clytie's delight.  Over the years the friendship between us has grown.  Our sweet baby Sis continues to be a blessing to this day--she is a lovely young woman--all grown up with a little girl of her own.

I love being a big sister--I am indeed rich in love and family.  How I thank God for them both.

There are hearts hidden in this picture, of course!

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Laura said...

I wish I had the gift for drawing that you have dear Beth... but even more, I am grateful that YOU have it and share your art with all of us!