Monday, November 14, 2011

Foxydoodles - Sunday Scans

Here is one of my little Foxydoodle drawings.  I love foxes.  When we were small, I remember watching red foxes leaping above the grasses in the field across the street--in just this way.

I also remember a lady who came to the house with a tiny fox cub nestled in her arms.  "Have you lost a puppy," she asked.  She'd found him beside the road and didn't realize he was a fox!

This is the first three of eight Foxydoodle ACEOs which will be up for sale soon in my Etsy Shop.

Al's Photography Blog, by our good friend Al, hosts "Sunday Scans" each week.  Sunday Scans is a place for all things scanned.  So pick up your artwork, old photo albums, ephemera, postcards, ANYTHING which can be scanned and join in the fun!  


Shayla said...

These are awesome!

I also LOVE foxes.

When I was younger my family had a license to own them and we had four. Three were wild and had to be kept in a pin but we had one that was raised from a kit that stayed in our house and grew up fairly tame..just like a cat!

Al said...

Those look like friendly foxes, great drawings. I have to watch out for foxes where I live as they'd eat my little dog. Thanks for joining Sunday Scans!

Tammie Lee said...

these are all so cute Beth! I love the way you express yourself in art!

Tina´s PicStory said...

they are so cute! xo tina