Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FATuesday Artist Spotlight #39

I created Featured Art Tuesday Artist Spotlight, to showcase inspiring Artists and to provide a forum for all Artists to share their work with one another -- this includes every type of medium, sculpture, beading, watercolour, restoring vintage cars, pen and ink, oils, gardening, interior decorating, photography and crafts, including writing and poetry. The list goes on and on.

Each one of us is creative in one way, or another -- FATuesday Artist Spotlight celebrates the creativity found in every person.

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I was absolutely blown away by the incredibly realistic artwork of Robbie Graham.  This amazing artist captures the wild inner soul of the animals he paints.  His subjects are often so lifelike, it seems they might spring from the canvas.  Robbie is a huge inspiration to me. This is how I want to paint.

Robbie writes, "One of the world's most beautiful and revered animals stands near the brink of extinction. In this century alone, three sub-species of tiger were driven into extinction, including the Bali, Javan, and Caspian. Tragically, the remaining five sub-species are at risk of meeting the same fate. The tiger faces an onslaught of poaching throughout its range. My painting highlights that the tiger must be vigilant, not from other predators as there are none, but from the human species, the only single threat to its future! We cannot let these magnificent creatures leave us forever!"

You can find this artist's work at Robbie Graham Wildlife Artist.  To follow on Facebook, visit Robbie Graham Art.

I only recently became acquainted with the whimsical artwork of Rebeca Trevino.  What a dear lady!  Not only is she an incredibly gifted artist, but she is a delightful person.  Her quirky sense of humor shines through her work.  Yet along with the smiles, one can find much to think about.  This wonderful artist inspires my whacky side!

Rebeca writes, "I like the mysterious aspect a box provides. A box can hold secrets, or treasures or thoughts. A box can tell a whole story just by opening the lid. A box holds our curiosity, people always want to look inside. To add interest to a box, I often embellish it with things like dice feet, faucet handles or brass bells. I also use words and collage images to tell the story…At the heart of my efforts as an artist is the need to recycle things, to rescue stuff that has been forgotten or thrown away. Hence the name “OBTAINIUM ART" defined as: art materials, not bought new, but obtained in other ways, such as 2nd-hand, dumpster diving, chance findings or donations."

To see more of Rebeca's charming artwork visit Obtainium Art - A Gallery of Assemblage Works. 

I adore Andrea Joseph's artwork.  This gathering of lines invites me to take a closer look.  I love the feel of a journal, words, drawings, poetry of thought.  Andrea inspires me to want to start an art journal.  I found this talented artist through Dave's Old Paper Art.  I'm so grateful!
Andrea writes, "I love drawing SO much that I want to continue learning and improving my skills and that means doing things differently, pushing oneself, from time to time."

To see more of Andrea's fascinating art visit  Andrea Joseph's Sketch Blog.  Happily, you can also purchase her work at her Etsy shop, Andrea Joseph.

Shirley Ende-Saxe is also new to me.  I was fascinated by this artist's compelling artwork.  I felt drawn to these unique wall hangings as soon as I saw them.  They are spellbinding.  I am inspired by a feeling of mystery I sense may be hidden behind each of these wonderful art pieces.

Shirley shares some interesting thoughts on framing, "There comes a time when the space allotted is filled and another strategy must be followed, so follow it I will. The idea of framing art has it's drawbacks, the primary problem for me is not enough space to store all those rigid, uncompromising metal and plexi thingies. The secondary problem is that framing seems to tame whatever it frames. It always bothered me that I used 90% recycled in the collage and then encased it in a spanking new frame." 

To see more of Shirley's arresting artwork, visit In the Name of Art.

I was enchanted and charmed by the artwork of Jacob Livengood.  Jacob is an illustrator, painter and graphic designer from San Diego, California.  I felt inspired by his use of an ordinary object--a garbage can--to create such an interesting and colorful piece of artwork. His use of design and color is a show stopper.  Not surprisingly Jacob has been featured in a number of magazines as well as high profile websites.  

Jacob says, "Overall, I just hope people see something unique in what I do and appreciate it to help me thrive and hopefully inspire."

To see more of this inspiring young artist, visit Art by Jacob Livengood.

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Rebeca Trevino said...

Thanks for the 'spotlight'. . . . it is fun, isn't it?


Deann said...

Another fabulous group Bea and so inspiring...now I want to paint my garbage can...but since the city owns it...I don't know can you go to jail for painting your garbage can??? Love you.

Clytie said...

I love the artists you have found this week! I can't wait to visit each and every one of them!