Monday, June 27, 2011

Cloud Prayer

I thought it was time to put up another Cloud Painting.  This lovely angel reminds me of a something DaVinci might have done if he were a cloud painter.

Sky art has become an integral part of my life.  I am rarely without my camera -- and with the amazing cloud formations I've caught over this past Winter and Spring, I probably have enough cloud photos to last a lifetime of painting.

Yet, I carry my camera around like a necklace, just in case I see that perfect cloud profile -- that funny puppy, that lovely stretch of an angel's wing.

The Cloud Painting above is one of my earlier pieces.

Above you see this beautiful angel as I first saw her praying in the clouds.


Rebeca Trevino said...

Love these 'cloud paintings'.

also, wanted to ask you about the quote on your sidebar:

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to's about learning how to dance in the rain."

whose is it? is it yours? i would like to use it in one of my art pieces.

MarieElizabeth said...

Great color and sun flare. You're not alone carrying around you camera. My boss thinks it's hilarious, but then calls me when there is something I should photograph!

Clytie said...

I had to giggle at what Marie Elizabeth wrote ... I too carry my camera everywhere. At first people rolled their eyes and snickered ... and then called me to "get a picture of THIS"!

P.S. Your praying lady cloud painting is gorgeous! I love it that you include the original pictures - I can see her there too!!!

Tammie Lee said...

quite beautiful Beth, and with the light in the shape of a mystical star even more so.

Suzi Smith said...

This is gorgeous beth!

Penelope said...

Angels are everywhere, and you capture God's touch beautifully! Lovely clouds. Yes, keep that camera donning your neck, who knows when that timeless brilliance with touch you and then be gone.

As always, you make me smile soooo! My many apologies for not getting back to you—I'm catching up today.