Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FAT Tuesday Artist Spotlight #18

Some of you have asked about the Name "FAT Tuesday."  It is merely a clever acronym my sweet Sis and I came up with for Featured Art Tuesday! 

I created Featured Art Tuesday (FAT Tuesday) Artist Spotlight, to showcase inspiring Artists and to provide a forum for all Artists to share their work with one another--this includes every type of medium, photography and crafts, including writing and poetry.  
I hope you will join in the fun!

J. Stephen Hunter is one of my favorite artists.  He is incredibly imaginative and creative, as you will see when you look at the various mediums he uses.  Not only does he paint light in a way I've never seen before, but he creates whimsical clocks, beautiful things out of leaves and is a gifted photographer.  I have met this gentle, brilliant teacher in person.  He has inspired my heart in every area of my own art.  

He writes, "…I love being an artist.  I know I am one because the voices in my head all come from my right brain! Creativity is my adrenaline so I'm continually doing new things and avoiding repetition. I hope I never get pigeon-holed into “this is what I do.”

To see more of J. Stephen Hunt's wonderful art, visit Right Brain Reader

I have the lovely privilege of knowing this artist personally.  Amber Day is a self-taught artist, who's beautifully detailed watercolors are exceptional.  She constantly surprises me with her imagination and wit.  She makes me laugh, yet there is often an interesting pathos to be found in her art.  There is a whimsical quality to her work which greatly inspires me.  You can find Amber's collectible artwork for sale on Ebay under animaegirl! I own a few pieces of her work, so I feel especially blessed!

Of herself, Amber simply writes, "I am a stay-at-home Mom, artist, and author.  I've been happily married for 12 years now (we are still on our honeymoon).  I'm a life long Oregonian and love the greenery and mountainous landscape of this state!"

You can see more of Amber's charming artwork at Doodles by Amber Day.

Bill Ross is new to me.  I LOVE his hilarious cartoons.  They make me laugh and his concepts are brilliant.  I hope to see more of this artist's inspiring work!  

Bill writes,  "I was... fortunate to make the brilliant decision to move to Nashville, Tennessee, the greatest city on the planet. I know, that's a debatable assessment of Nashville, but I really, really like it here. I'm convinced that if I could sing, play an instrument, or were good looking, I could be a country music star. Till then, I make my living drawin' funny pictures, and painting rectangular paintings."

To see more of Bill Ross's humorous artwork visit Bill Ross Draws.  

Melinda Lincoln-Napoletano is one of the most thoughtful, inspiring individuals I've had the pleasure of knowing.  Her eclectic pieces are a study in contrasts--her poetry is moving and her thoughts are profound.

She writes, "I still believe in magic and dreams and that I am the one in charge of creating my own reality. This is a very magical time of year and I absolutely refuse to let anyone destroy that for me. This next year will be a time of growth for me....of making dreams come true and accomplishing goals....of determination and hard work...of changes.....and to be honest...I am tired of waiting around for my life to sort of happen on its own....I gotta make whatever happen happen if I want it to....so look out 2011!"

To  be utterly inspired, visit Breathe.

I found Rosie Rowe in my search for inchys.  They are tiny detailed one-by-one inch drawings--Rosie's are exquisite!  However, once I'd lost myself in her blog, I found even more treasure.  She is a very creative lady.  One of my favorites is the piece I found above.  What a beauty!  And how very inspiring.   

Rosie writes, "...the more I write, the more occurs to me and I lose myself in the page. I don’t have time at the moment to set aside proper time for art journaling. I sit with a tray on my lap to support my French Kitty book, a glue stick, my printouts, scissors and a couple of clear tubs which hold my most used pens and pencils, my tin of Neocolour Brights II and a watercolor brush."

To see more of Rosie's fabulous work, visit Altered Art & Stuff.

If you would like to take part in FAT Tuesday Artist Spotlight, 
these are the guidelines:

* Upload what you want to share onto your blog.
*  Don't forget to leave a link to your art on Linky tools.
*  Be sure to visit other artists who have left their link.
* Leave a comment when you visit each artist's page.
(We artists need to encourage each other!)
* Be sure to leave a link to FAT Tuesday on your blog page.



Tammie Lee said...

such a wonderful collection of artists Beth! The way you share them is heartfelt and wonderful. Thank you!

Megan Coyle said...

What lovely work :) thank you for introducing me to so many interesting artists with your FAT Tuesdays - such a fabulous idea!

Sunshineshelle said...

Wow, you have some wonderful talent assembled here, totally inspiring, thanks for sharing : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,
Loving what you have posted recently.. as usual though.. lol
Please come to my blog and pick up your special little surprise.
Hugs, Darlene

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Grannie Annie said...

Beautiful...wonderful Fat Tuesday Sissy Bea...Love you.