Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Holly Fairy - Guest Heart Thursday

This is one of those drawings I started not knowing what would end up on the page.  I laughed at the idea of a lovely lady surrounded by prickly holly--but then I realized since she's the Christmas Holly Fairy--they wouldn't prick her!  There are lots of hearts hidden in this drawing.  Can you find them? 

For more heart art, photography and altogether fabulous heart stuff from around the world, visit Clytie at Random Hearts for Guest Heart Thursday.


Tammie Lee said...

of course she will not get pricked. you have made me smile and as I sit far away... in S. Ca. I send you wishes for a lovely holiday season.

she is lovely and lively.

Looking to the Stars said...

I came by to wish you a Happy Holiday. Take care, little one :)

Clytie said...

She's so gorgeous! Fingernails or not. And I am NOT going to count all of those little hearts - I am happy just to know they are surrounding this beautiful Holly Fairy.

Inger-M said...

That's such a cute and beautiful fairy, and so right for Christmas :-) Your drawings are so beautiful!

Happy Christmas :-)

Dani said...

Just marvelous. So many tiny and cute hearts around her.

Wishing you a blessed Christmas with your family.

Thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog.

Sunny said...

Hi Beth,
What could be more perfect for Christmas, she's lovely!
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!
☼ Sunny

Laura said...

She's lovely Beth! Brightest blessings to you and your beloveds!

Alan Burnett said...

Lovely art as always. Happy Christmas.

Kristin Aquariann said...

Lovely drawing! It was fun searching out all those hearts. ^.^

tera said...

I love your holly fairy - she totally made me smile!

True story - my mom wanted to name me Holly, but my dad said that was silly since I was born in July. BUT I found out recently that in Celtic tree astrology, the holly is my tree! Mom shoulda had her way! :)

Lovely, and I like the hidden hearts.
Merry Christmas!


Deann said...

Have a super duper fantastic Christmas day Sissy Bea!!! Love you...Sissy Dea