Tuesday, December 7, 2010

FAT Tuesday Artist Spotlight #14

I created Featured Art Tuesday (FAT Tuesday) to showcase inspiring Artists and to provide a forum for all Artists to share their work with one another--this includes all types of art mediums, photography and crafts, including writing and poetry.  If you would like to take part in FAT Tuesday, these are the guidelines:

* Upload what you want to share onto your blog.
*  Don't forget to leave a link to your art on Linky tools.
*  Be sure to visit other artists who have left their link.
* Leave a comment when you visit each artist's page.
(We artists need to encourage each other!)
* Be sure to leave a link to FAT Tuesday on your blog page.
 (You can copy the button at the bottom of the page if you'd like.)

I only recently became acquainted this amazing artist through Dancing Mango.  Monica's artwork has a certain magic about it, which inspires me.  This graceful woman is a teacher, musician and artist, who at age 19 became Miss New Mexico!  This talented lady even has a music video!

She writes, "Because of the unique way I molded my self, I am always experimenting with new ways of creating and putting things together.  The magic of creativity fascinates me."  

To see more wonderful artistry in many different mediums, visit Monica Zuniga's Artwork!

I have been a big fan of Henny's wonderful photography and artwork for a long time now.  She sees the world in a way which inspires me.   Her recent set of intriguing photos capturing the movements of this small hawk fulled me with wonder.  You will also love her stunning photos of frozen dewdrops.

She writes, "I draw and make pictures about sense and seemingly non-sense. About beauty around, yet in hurrylife and all important else, forget to look and see. About God's glimpse shining through."

To see more of Henny's incredible artwork and photography visit iWings.

Once again I am featuring the profoundly lovely Photings.  There are often days I have needed the wisdom found in a Photing.  The words used by this artist are perfectly suited to the marvelous photography.  Magic Eye has a unique way of seeing the world which fascinates and inspires me. 

To see more of these beautifully crafted sayings, visit Photings.

Because of the unique quality of her artwork, I am featuring Megan a second time.  She is a Collage Artist!  To create her incredibly intricate works of art, she cuts tiny pieces of various colors from magazines and newspapers--then puts them together to create wonderful pieces such as the The Flamingo Dancers.

Now she has something new on the back burner.  Megan writes, "Recently I started watching quite a few animation video tutorials. I'm itching to get started on an animated collage. However, you can't always do everything at once, so I'll have to be patient and wait until I have some more free time to devote to a new project. For now, I'm off to work on a commission and a couple of illustrations."

To see more of Megan's fascinating artwork visit Megan at Megan Coyle - Collage Artist.

Milly is new to me.  I recently ran across her wonderful drawings and was promptly charmed--not only by her great giftedness in capturing nature--but by her wonderful stories and sense of humor.  Milly's exquisite drawings remind me of the art described by Gene Stratton Porter in her colorful books.  As you might imagine, the narrative behind this set of Milly's sketches is darling!  Be sure to visit her blog to hear the rest of the story!

She writes, "...Hope you like our pet house mouse. He is actually a Long Tailed Field mouse or Woodmouse. He is very cute, I might knit him a jumper for Christmas." 

For a smile and a giggle, and a look at Milly's sketchbook visit Drawings From Nature.


Angela said...

As always, I loved seeing the beautiful artwork of your FAT Tuesday feature :-) Really gorgeous work!

Deann said...

Another terrific Tuesday Sissy Bea...love looking at all these gifted artists...Thanks...love you.

Inger-M said...

So much wonderful art work! I am honored to be able to join this crowd. :-)
Beth, your drawings are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

these are amazing works of art!

How are you?


Tammie Lee said...

you have shared so much wonderful art. I might get lost all night!

magiceye said...

thank you so much beth. am honored.

Megan Coyle said...

Thanks, Beth :)

and I thoroughly enjoyed checking out the other artists you featured. Thanks for sharing :)

Kristin Aquariann said...

Wondrous feature and great FAT Tuesday idea! I've added your button to my Blog Hops page.

BLIND said...

totally cool, I like it ;)
keep it up..

wanna to visit back?


don't forget to comment on my tagboard..

I wait you ;)

MILLY said...

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog and for including me here on your FAT Tuesday. Glad you liked my little mouse.
I will now be able to enjoy seeing the other wonderful art work.

elena nuez said...

thanks for sharing the work of Megan Coyle, I looooove!!!