Thursday, February 11, 2010


It was a gentle face I found in the clouds that day. The lines of his mouth and eyes were striking. I felt a great tenderness.

Above you see this kind, Melancholy man, as I first saw him.
DADDY UPDATE: Dad went to the neurosurgeon for his checkup. Though the bones in his neck have made progress healing, he must wait for a CAT scan and those results before the surgeon will allow Dad to take the brace off. He's allowed to have it off three-four times per week to eat and rest. Please continue to pray for Dad's fractured neck bones to heal. Dad is frustrated and unhappy--please pray that God will give him distracting spots of joy throughout each day.
Thank you so much for all your prayers, love and concern.


Looking to the Stars said...

The man in the clouds looks as if the weight of the world is upon his shoulders. It made my heart ache.

As always, your father and family are in our thoughts and prayers :)

Clytie said...

Wow. I mean, just, well, wow.

Rajesh said...

Fantastic capture. It really looks like a face.

~Cheryl said...

Those wise eyes have seen a lot. Is he resting his chin in his hand? Or maybe just rubbing it a little as he muses some more. Love it!

Elisabeth said...

Reading this , I suppose we put your sad father together with the man in the clouds. You see him everywhere.

Lois said...

The weather is making me feel a little like this today and it doesn't help that I have a bad cold! He's beautiful though. I saw a wonderful cloud picture on another blog today and it made me think of your blog. Check it out here:

Deden said...

Our dear fried Lois told me about your stunning photos. here i am and wow what a shock! and you have lots of it. I knew it, there is "something" about this clouds, i have posted one like this recently and I'm still feeling weird. now I'm speechless, what a great artworks indeed.

may your father be well soon, and healthy as he used to be.

Anonymous said...

I am working on something you girls might like. More on that later.

Grannie Annie said...

Your poor cloud looks as if he has a bad cold. He make a great piece of cloud art though.

I hope you have a Happy Valentines Day tomorrow...and have something romantic planned with your sweetie.

My computer has been awful this week because of a new security program my hubby installed...I finally got it fixed this morning I haven't been able post comments my screen would freeze up. But like I told Cea...I'M BACK!

Anonymous said...

Beth, I am in Florida.. just found a wifi cafe'.
my pc is running right beside a turtle like stroll.
I havent been online and it's hurting me not to visit all of you!
I will pray for your father..
I have had spinal surgery in my neck and have a metal rod in there.. trust me it can be horrible..
But I do believe, our attitude gets us through so much.
I will pray for God to strengthen your Daddy and to give him HOPE at this down time in his life..
flllltt.. goes the candle.. and prayer. ]Missing you.. hugs, Darlene
I will be home in one week.

dogimo said...

I am praying for your dad. Just keep encouraging him and keep hoping for (and arranging) those "distracting spots of joy" (what a great way to put it! We all need those).

I love the man you found in the clouds!

Nina P. said...

What a benevolent face! God does look down on us and watches over us... You seem to catch Him and His Angels at it! Simply beautiful.

May your Dad find Peace and Comfort in God's Healing Power and Grace and may the radiating arms of Sonshine bring him Love and Joy of Life.
Blessings to you and all of your family. Love and Light, Nina P

Shadow in the Moonlight said...

How on earth did you make out that face I don't know... but thanks to you, I've taken to walking looking at the skies these days, rather than on the ground... I see clouds and I wonder what will Beth see in them.

Sunny said...

The man in the cloud looks like he is listening to the troubles of the world. He also looks quite wise.
I pray your Dad continues to improve, it has been such a long road for him.