Monday, August 17, 2009

Cloud Cherub

This is one of my first attempts at cloud painting. I was just discovering how to use my "brush" which, in reality was the "mouse." The cloud picture below is of the cherub as I first saw him. The photo was taken over the gentle swell of Oregon's coastal mountains.

Daddy Update: Dad is doing very well. We hope to have the home place ready in a few weeks, so our parents will be comfortably set for the cold autumn and winter months. Please continue to pray for Dad's healing and that we will be able to finish all the work which must be done in order for them to go home. Dad would feel much better with his own things around him.


Sunny said...

What a lovely Cherub.
I don't think there is anywhere better than home to recuperate. I continue to pray for your Dad's speedy recovery.
Sunny :)

Anonymous said...

I pop into your place and find this beauty.I can't believe this is your first attempt though.You are so so so so clever how you make these friends of yours come alive.
I have been 'cloud watching' myself this Summer and thinking of you.
I am glad your Pa showing improvement *dance* Long may he continue to do so.

Clytie said...

So what is the delightful cherub pointing at?

Nina P. said...

You depict the glory of clouds so very well. If we listen, they speak to us.... You listen very well and hear their music and share it with your camera and cloud painting talent. Thank you dear friend for this cute little cherub. Continued prayers go up for you and your family; may God grant you , your Mom and Dad, and family continued Healing, and may His Grace shine down upon you always. Love and Light, Nina P.

Patti said...

What an amazing painting! Oregon clouds are beautiful and you have captured them in this beautiful piece.

You are a very talented lady.