Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wisdom of Cat

Here he looks so wise--because cats just have that look about them. Perhaps this fellow is contemplating a leap to the counter top (bad kitty!), or a pretty pounce upon a stray sunbeam. It is possible there is a mouse moving nearby, and he's thinking about breakfast ... what do you think?


Woman in a Window said...

Ohhh, that tail says trouble. That's a twitching, thinkingtoomuch tail!

Beautiful work. Went to a local art show today. Sure wish there would have been some of your art, or your calibre of art there.

Clytie said...

Ooh la la, pretty little girlie kittie. Come over here. I will show you my etchings!!!

Sunny said...

When my cat Molly wraps her tail around her legs, she usually is about to do something she shouldn't!
I enjoy your artwork very much.
Sunny :)

Angie said...

Sort of looks like my Bengal, when she decides to stalk something. Her face gets longer and longer.