Thursday, March 12, 2009

Flirty Whirl Wind

I have often watched farmers working in their fields, first plowing, then discing the harshly furrowed dirt into softness. After that seeds are pressed into the rich brown soil. The crops grow, then are harvested by massive machinery with great fat tires.

It is interesting to me, that as the farmers work the fields, there are nearly always a few dust devils dancing alongside them. I imagine the whirl winds might be flirting with those buff, hard-working farmers. What do you think?


Clytie said...

Now I shall have to look a little closer at those "dust devils" I see every now and then ... now that I know she's there!

~Cheryl said...

That's quite a concept! I like it.

Catherine said...

Ooooooh... what a lovely thought! I'll never look at dust devils in the same way again!