Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Angel Praises

Here you see an angel, face full of praise, rising toward heaven. The smaller photo is the original photograph before cloud painting!
Speaking of angels, I am so very grateful for the intervention of these amazing beings in our lives. I have some wonderful stories about angels.
When I was in my early 20's I lived with my grandmother, next door to my parents. One day Dad and Mom asked me to use their car to pick my brothers and sister up from school. On the way home, a tire blew out on the old Lamaze. Narrowly missing a cliff, we landed in the hedge along the edge of an old man's front yard.
The little old man could not help, but he let us use his phone. However, because Dad and Mom did not own another car besides the one I was driving, no help was to be found. Dad and Mom stopped right then and there to pray that God would send help.
Meanwhile, my siblings and I were assessing the damage to the tire. Just then a sparkling white tow truck pulled up--no insignia on the side of it. A buff fellow about my age, with long blonde hair and wearing sparkling clean white coveralls, jumped from the tow truck.
"Looks like you need some help," he said with a grin. Then he hooked our car to his truck, pulled it from the bushes, and backed it down into the old man's driveway. "I can't help you change your tire, but I can show you how to do it." This he did, then with a wink and a wave he drove away. My siblings and I ran to the top of the driveway to wave our thanks, but to our astonishment he and his tow truck had vanished. The road was clear in both directions. There was no possible physical way that tow truck could have gone out of sight so quickly.
Angels watching over us. Angels sent to help--in answer to the fervent prayer of our parents.


Grannie Annie said...

Damn girl I just love these cloud pictures of yours!!!
And yes, you are more then welcome to pick anything you want in The Painted Garden. I'm just glad someone enjoys them as much as I do. It's nice to know that the marbles in someone elses head match the holes in mine. And to find two such friends is total delerium.
Happy St. Paddy's Day to you and yours. Deann

Clytie said...

Beautiful! I had forgotten about the tow truck driver angel from long ago. Thank you for reminding me.

~Cheryl said...

Gorgeous! And thanks for the wonderful angel story, too. I'm thinking a mathematician would see some Pi in the sky, first. :)

Tammie Lee said...

Ah such a fun and fantastical tale! I am so glad you have that experience and memory together!