Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Branch

October 2007, I nearly died.

I contracted a "flesh eating" staph infection in my foot. For three days my doctors were not sure I would make it. I later learned there was a 73 % chance that I would not. If my family had not insisted I go back to emergency when I did, I would have lost my foot, my life--or both.

I knew something was terribly wrong. Though no one had said so I knew I could die. Lying in the hospital bed, not knowing what the future held, I prayed that God would spare my life. I promised Him I would use my artwork to bring joy to people's hearts. I asked Him for a new way of "seeing."

Four months later (still using my cane), in an obscure park in Stevenson, Washington, I shot this photo in a thicket along the edges of the great Columbia River. When I first saw the naturally altered branch in it's lovely setting against those moss-covered boulders, I could not believe my eyes. What you see here is exactly what I saw--only I added two little sparkles to emphasize The Branch.

Since then, I've found even more amazing photos in nature. Perhaps to say that God has given me a special gift of "seeing," is presumptuous, but there seems to be no other explanation.

I am grateful for my life, for the ability to walk unhindered--for the joy of "seeing" hidden pictures in nature. My life will never be the same.


Clytie said...

So simple, so elegant, so beautiful.

Grannie Annie said...

Well, I for one am glad you're still up and kicking. Just think of all the fun we would have missed, and all the wonders that would have passed unnoticed. It only serves to remind me that life is precious and God knows what he's doing. Keep up the good work! ~ Deann

Tammie Lee said...

I am so glad you were taken care of and cured of that nasty staph!
How lovely that to this day blessing show up in magical forms in the every day!

~Cheryl said...

I found an Arabian Proverb: "A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain." How thankful we are that you are fulfilling your promise...and at the same time, nourishing those of us blessed by your touch. I am so happy that my Life Path has crossed yours....and your special, gifted family!

Catherine said...

Through tears I read your amazing story and keep staring at this photograph. What better place of worship than in nature, surrounded by God's beauty? I belive you DO have a very, very special way of seeing the world - quite an extraordinary gift. Thank you for sharing your unique vision with all of us - we are indeed blessed by it.