Monday, March 15, 2010

Purple Moon

I got up this morning feeling sad. I don't know why--some days are just like that. I worked a little, read a little--fed the fish and helped my husband with a project.

The sadness lingered, so I went upstairs to my studio, set up my easel and began to paint. Three hours later I stepped back from the canvas. As you can see, this is not my normal style at all. When I took Purple Moon downstairs to show my husband, I noticed the braided rug in my office is in exactly these colors.

So . . . can you see her?


Sunny said...

I see the dear little kitty face, I'm so sorry that you are feeling sad. May happy memories fill your heart and send your sadness away.

Yarrow said...

This is a stunning picture, I've been away too long, I see that now as I catch up on your world. I love the painting of your brothers hands and the Earth. Beautiful.

Take care hun and I hope you feel better soon.

√ Abraham said...

Unimagined influence?

Elisabeth said...

You see and create images within images, as of you are so receptive to your emotional repertoire it translates itself into pictures.

We have a sick cat tonight, just an abscess, now lanced and treated with antibiotics but she's confined to barracks and that's hard for us all to deal with, especially for a cat who loves to roam.

Your Criquette is free now but you're left with the grief. And grief has a way of hitting you when you least expect it.

Clytie said...

I think Elisabeth has it right. You are still grieving your dear kitty, and grief has a funny way of overwhelming us at times.

I can see the kitty face, sissie. Your painting is stunning. Wow.

Lois said...

I do see her Beth! I'm sorry for your sadness. I have days like that too. Hugs to you!

~Cheryl said...

This is a beautiful expression of your feelings .... and feline! Those hidden eyes are your style! I hope today was a better day and that tomorrow is filled with grand Irish laughter! ♥Hugs to you and your beautiful family!

Catherine said...

Oh, your beautiful Crickette. So sorry you were feeling sad yesterday. I hope feeling the presence of your dear Crickette has lightened your heart - she will always be in your heart.