Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Independence Angel

Most of the pictures I take of clouds are captured in the skies over my beloved hometown of Independence.

Indeed, I often see one particular face in the clouds. I call him the "Independence Angel."

I usually capture the Independence Angel doing mischievious things--such you see here--capturing and kissing this fluffy angel kitten. I'm not sure why, but he nearly always wears an odd pointed cap.

He sports a beard and is usually laughing. With the wonderful and checkered history of our town, I'm not surprised the angel watching over us has such an interesting and fun personality!

Above you can see him as I caught him kissing that kitty!


Clytie said...

I love him! And I can so totally see him kissing the kitty - even in the original photo! Great catch sissie!

Anonymous said...

Oh Beth - this is absolutely stunning ! I have been watching clouds since earliest childhood - and I see faces and "persons" even in the tiles on our....ummm... äh....restroom tiling from the 60ies.
Your angel is looking great, but the absolute eye-catcher is the kitty !

Lois said...

How lucky you are to have him!

Grannie Annie said...

Sooo cool your cloud art is just so it.
Yes they have tutorials on Freaking I have been blundering my way around the last few days. All this stuff is so easy for youngsters...but if I work at it long enough I eventually "Get it" and then they change everything and I have to start over. ahhh!
Hope your getting on okay up there Mother Nature has been trying to blow me off the planet the last couple of days...but today it's snowing and cold...Hey wasn't it the first day of spring a couple of days ago...go figure.

Elisabeth said...

What amazing skies you have, Beth. Full of wonders.

Dollores said...

I'm glad every thing is well with you. It sounds as if your having fun anyway.
Those pieces of Indian art are made of Utah alabaster stone. He uses drills and polishers, The white parts are where he has drilled the stone out for the story of the piece. I think he is a fantastic artist.