Monday, April 2, 2018

Mourning into Joy

Above you see an enhanced photo of a heart I saw in my old wood stove.  It was beautiful--and seems like the perfect beginning to share the wonderful thing that happened on my way home from church  Easter Sunday afternoon.

Above is the original photograph.  

After Easter services, I stopped for takeout from My Beloved's favorite restaurant. He was on my mind so much yesterday--and I wanted to celebrate his life this way. Haha--he really, really loved good food.

As I was waiting in the darkened room at the counter, with its lights beaming down upon me, the young man behind the counter came up to chat. I shared why I was there and who's life I was celebrating.  I noticed then his eyes were full of unshed tears. I was touched--there was something about that kid. So I gave him the bit of "napkin art," I had drawn of Alan as I waited.

Out of the blue he introduced himself  and confided he had just lost his cousin--a dear brother to him. He had returned home from the memorial the day before.

Then Daniel asked how I was able to get through the sorrow, the grief--and I told him. It was a long conversation...and when we were done speaking together, Daniel placed his hand over his heart and with tears sparkling in his eyes he said, "Thank you. You have brought me great comfort today."

I was so moved. To think the awful grief I have been working through would have been such a help to that dear young man...It was a gift--SO sweet to my heart.

I felt God's power in sharing my journey. The words I said came from Him, not me.

Praise to God for His loving kindness and sweetness--for His comfort, that I have the privilege of sharing the comfort with which I have been comforted...God truly does bring joy out of mourning.

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Heidrun Khokhar, KleinsteMotte said...

What a powerful post both in picture and in words. I think your beloved was at your side as you were with Daniel.